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 Home    10 Years of Free Homeless Public Housing for Terror Martyr

With the new KHK, all terrorist martyrs and veterans who want to be homeowners have been given public housing for 10 years free of charge due to the arrangements made under the State of Emergency No. 694. In the past, while the right to use public housing was limited to one year, this right was increased by 10 percent for the families of terrorist martyrs and veterans with the newly issued Decree Law.


Along with the new KHK, which was published in the official newspaper, privileges were also granted to terrorist martyrs and veterans. At the beginning of these privileges was the extension of the wages given to families who wanted to have housing.

With the recently issued Decree Law, the period of utilization of public housing has been increased from 1 year to 10 year. In addition, the lease for ten years of residents in these specially allocated dwellings will be borne by the state.

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Within the scope of the Emergency Decree of the Legislative Decree / 694, which is published in the official gazette in relation to the subject and published by the public announcement, the period of utilization of the persons who are struggling with terrorism and who reside in public housing within this period and are disabled or martyred and / It’s been 10 years. In addition, no rental fee will be charged for these families.


In addition, the lawyer costs of volunteer security guards and security guards, who have served in the fight against terrorism, will be covered by the government according to the official press release. According to Article 74 of the Village Code, the Ministry of Interior will cover up to three attorneys’ fees for any inquiry or prosecution to be filed by the volunteer security guards and security guards who are involved in the fight against terrorism, which are allegedly caused by this duty.

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