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 Home    600 Thousand Buildings Will Be Renewed In Istanbul!

“If municipalities guarantee 100 percent domestic and national product use in the urban transformation business, we will give priority to the loan,” Environment and Urbanism Minister Özhaseki said.

Özhaseki explained that 15 million buildings had been built before the 1999 directive, “7,5 million of them are at risk, we have set a goal, we need to renew 500 thousand houses per year, we will bring a zero interest loan system for this business. We will give it to you in the next three years, and we will tell it to the mayors how to do it without burdening them. ”



Emphasizing the importance of urban transformation for the future of Turkey Minister Özhaseki, he said:

“We have worked on how to make this work without putting the burden on the public, and I have given these works to the Council of Ministers, Mr. Prime Minister and President of the Republic, and if we can do this, we will prepare our country for the future. the earthquake will come, we will destroy it, and we will make a lot of tears, and we are trying to make preparations before it comes in. At least like some countries outside. ”

Minister Özhaseki pointed out that credit priorities will be given to the municipalities that guarantee to use domestic and national products in urban transformation and gave the following information:

“If there are laws in place, we will give priority to the credit when municipalities guarantee 100% domestic and national products. We move the resources of the Iller Bank to this direction, we have removed the Iller Bank grants, we have turned the lending to the urban transformation business, then we have sold 21 social facilities, and we are transferring the income from these to the urban transformation account. “

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