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1.9 million home and business owners will declare rental income from 1 March 2018. According to the news in the mail newspaper, the rule changed since 2017. What needs to be paid attention to when declaring rent income? Here are the new tariffs and calculations …

The tax period starts for residents and those who rent work. Those who earn rental income in 2017 will file a tax declaration between March 1-26, As of December 2017, the number of taxpayers due to rent income is 1.9 million. Exception amount for rent income is 3 thousand 900 TL. No tax return will be given for rent income below 3 thousand 900 TL (325 lira per month).

Declarations about rental income are made from the declaration system. How much rent income will be declared in 2017. If the residence is vacant for 2 months and 10 months rent income, 10 month rent income will be declared. If you are over 60 years old, disabled, illiterate and sick, you will be sent a tax officer.


A change was made in late 2017 regarding the declaration of rent income. What you have provided in your lease income statement is the Audit Turkey Head and Sworn Financial Advisor. Hayrullah Doğan said: “When declaring the rent income, you will choose one of 2 methods (Loss Expense and Actual Expense method), which is very important in terms of the tax amount you will pay!”

This method can not be changed during ‘two years’ if the expense expense method is selected. The advantage is that you can get a discount even if you do not have the cost of 1 cent on your real estate. Previously, the rate of Lump-sum Expenditure was taken as 25 percent. However, this rate fell to 15 percent to start with the revenues in 2017. Even if you do not have any expenses related to your tenancy, you will be entitled to a 15% discount.


At the real expense; heating, water and elevator expenses, insurance expenses related to the property, interest payments for 5 years if the property is taken by bank credit, expenditures related to property taxes, duties, fees and bonuses paid to the municipalities, maintenance and repairs of property and resident expenses, if the property owner himself is also renting, you can deduct the rent expense deducted from the tax account.

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