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Company Profile

The Private Consultancy company ‘İstanbul Investments PIC’ operates for some management subsidiaries in the investment sector. The operations began in 1995 to find wealth and assets for short and long term investments. The company operates for clients who want to buy a summerhouse as an investment and also for international companies. The headquarters of İstanbul Investment PLC is in İstanbul Ritz Carlton. with a total of 42 offices and many sub agents all over the country. The company operates its investment management businesses also in Middle East and Europe.
The main priority of the company is to become the head company of Tourism Construction, US Consultancy Ltd. Import and Export Ltd. and FS Yachting which were the former investment firms of the company. The other target is to consult customers for their investments while establishing the firm relations.
The difference we offer to our customers are our high standard services and good consultancy for short and long term investments. This service has made İstanbul investments PLC very well known among the top Investment Groups in the world. Since our success, there are high expectations from our clients because of the client profits, strong firm networks and satisfactions.
Between 2014 and 2015, we have increased our sales up to 40%. Another main target of the company is to get a high Return of Investment for our clients.

Who want to achieve their personal targets will be inspired by us for the best way they can. We maximize the long term Return of Investment to our clients by taking into consideration our responsibilities. In productivity and profit making, we are a highly effective and fast moving organization to get good consultancy in the growing real estate market of the major cities for developing relations and businesses in the investment world. We want to introduce the possibilities in Turkey and significantly in İstanbul, to our clients by taking their requirements and needs into consideration.
Our well known investments as it is written on our logo ‘History References the Future’ are Hawthorn Suites by Wyndham, Doğa Villas, Marina Houses İstanbul, In İstanbul Topkapı, Plus Villas, ViaPort Venezia, Ataköy Residence, Iroko Houses and many others.

During bigger investments all over the world ,satisfying our clients will make the value difference in the investment sector among other groups. We have to think about the future to be ready for the upcoming forces and the business opportunities for our clients. That’s why we have to go further and understand the market. That is our main vision.