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 Home    Be Careful When Selecting Contractor In Urban Transformation

Cukurova Real Estate Board Chairman Tamer Son, who draws attention to the plight of the land which is one of the most important elements that slow down the urban transformation process which should not progress very quickly, has found important recommendations regarding the criteria that should be paid attention to the land owners in decision phase.

Look At The Quality of Construction And The Price Per Square Meter

Tamer Son pointed out that one of the most important factors that slows down the urban transformation process seriously is the land share dilemma; Tamer Son stated that the owners of the land can only make erroneous decisions if they consider the land share ratio in the projects.


Investigate the References Of The Contractor Firm

It is very important to review the quality of the construction project by seeing the past projects of the contractor firm to be contracted within the context of urban transformation, to fulfill the commitments, to deliver the projects on time, and to look at the premium rate of the projects.

Life-Focused Projects Should Become Widespread

Instead of trying to translate urban transformation into an opportunity, advancing with a resolute approach would be beneficial for all parties. In this process, life-focused projects should become widespread instead of housing-oriented projects. Our cities will be much more livable and will be the living spaces that we can entrust to the next generations with peace of mind.

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