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Things to Consider Before Moving To Turkey from the UK

Turkey has wonderful things to offer for anyone planning to reside in the country. Turkey has
numerous things that make Turkey the best place to live and work, especially in the city center.
For instance, its state-of-the-art infrastructure, the straightforward procedure of getting residence
and work permit, and low cost of living. Additionally, with their TL currency rate and the
benefits of acquiring Turkish citizenship buy an investment, you won’t regret moving from the
United Kingdom to Turkey. Here are some of the things to consider before moving to Turkey.

1. Know the immigration process

Ensure you know all the necessary documentation before you begin your relocation process. If
you are relocating to turkey to work, study, live, or for turkey vacation, you will need some
permits. Note that you will be required to pay a processing fee. Here is an essential guide
through the procedure.

Visa: You need to apply for a visa at the Turkish embassy or consulate in your country of
residence. Ensure you make the application well before leaving for Turkey. It might take several
months for the visa application to be processed. In case you have a question concerning your
visas and residency, you will have to ask the embassy officials.

Residence and work permit: if you plan to live in Turkey, you will have to get a residence
permit, and if you want to work, you will have to get both a work permit and residence permits
in Turkey. You can apply for these work and resident permits at the consulate in your country or
Turkish embassy.

Try to read various guest posts to get the information you need since you will
come across useful links.

2. Housing and the cost of living

Those who have lived in Turkey can attest that staying in Turkey is cheap for foreigners from the

Except for some locations, the cost of living and housing is inexpensive compared to their
home countries. Even though the regional differences might impact the cost of living, the
average expenses for transport, rent, daily expenses and good are lower than the UK.
Additionally, the cost of housing, options that range from apartment flats and villas are available
at reasonable rates. For this reason, you might decide not to return to the UK, just like many
expats living in Turkey.

3. Work and residence permits in Turkey

Foreigners who choose to stay in Turkey should obtain their work or residence permit for them
to continue staying in the country after the three months visa duration. Before relocating to

Turkey, foreigners need to apply for their work permit with necessary documents from the
consulates of Turkey in the UK. Once the initial application is complete, The online applications
have to submit through the Turkey e-Government portal and a direct form made to the ministry
of labor and social security within ten days. Foreigners can also apply for their Turkish residence
permit at the directorate general of migration management’s e-residence system. Additionally,
expats in turkey are required to have these permits.

4. Exchange rates of Turkey Lira

For people relocating from the UK, the price of Turkish Lira has considerable value for them.
Last year, Turkey properties and home sales went up in Turkey because of the fall of the Turkish
currency rate and the sales to foreign citizens increased by 78%.

The majority of the home

buyers who intend to relocate to Turkey are from the Middle East and Europe.

The Turkish Lira rate attracts business owners from neighboring countries and other countries such as the Czech
Republic, Netherlands, Dominican Republic, UK, and Spain.

Additionally, Turkey provides Turkish nationality to non-nationals by investments.

5. Popular places to stay in Turkey

Turkey offers various alternatives to non-nationals who intend to make an investment and remain
in the county.

A property buyer guide will help you know the most lucrative place to stay and set
up a business or invest in real estate. The most famous place to reside in Turkey for non-
nationals includes Istanbul, Mediterranean coast cities, and Aegean. Even though many business
owners love to invest and live in Istanbul, non-nationals who intend to live and make property
investment in many peaceful towns like Didim, Fethiye, Bodrum, and Marmaris. Additionally,
many people have bought properties in Bodrum. When a foreigner buys properties, the chances
of being a Turkish citizen increases.

6. Consider learning some Turkish words

Making sure you know a few Turkish words before your move can be beneficial to you. Without
undertaking an appropriate Turkish course, learning this foreign language might be hard.
However, make sure you learn a couple of essential words that will be helpful when you get to
Turkey. So, the language barrier won't be a problem.

7. Ensure you have a place to stay

Having the right place to call home will increase your success rate to live abroad.

When it comes to finding a place to stay in Turkey, local knowledge is essential.

The Turkish housing market is more of a landlord driven than many expatriates.

The renter-landlord relationship not regulated since its elsewhere,

and issues like who is accountable to replace a broken water heater ate

In most cases, the landlord has the winning hand.

The good thing is that Turkey homes are cheap.

8. Organized your health insurance

Health is the most significant expatriate concerns. So, ensure you have health insurance before
you travel to Turkey. Luckily, in the majority of expat location healthcare is good, and it attracts
thousands of non-nationals who visit the country for unique medical conditions.

Non-nationals are needed to obtain a private health insurance policy to complement the country’s healthcare

Make sure you choose the most beneficial insurance since they offer in a wide range of options.

The majority of private healthcare centers have people who speak English.

9. Begin your visa process early

For many decades, Turkey has captured the attention of numerous foreign investment, and
several international firms have built their business in different cities. While the latest political
changes have affected the finances, the fundamentals of the nation’s economy are strong. The
massive presence of foreign firms indicates that there are numerous international schools around.

The procedure of acquiring a work visa begins with filing the information for the pre-application
system and then by the e-Visa methods. A reliable Turkey travel agency will help you get
permission quickly as they understand how the process works.

10. Consider purchasing goods in Turkey

Shipping all your products from the UK over to Turkey is time-consuming and expensive.
Because you will pay more tax on that old furniture. If you do your search well, you will find
beautiful furniture and white products at low prices. Additionally, you can get beautiful second-
hand products just like expats leaving Turkey. Furthermore, bringing your car might be costly
due to high shipment fees.

What to do once you alive at Turkey

Know the locals

Since you’ve decided to learn Turkish, don’t shy off from exposing yourself when you get there.
You can try to interact with neighbors, store owners, friends in the expat community. Turkish
individuals are welcoming and being friendly with your neighbors, and expat living in Turkey is
vital. You will realize your Turkish colleagues have extensive knowledge of disclosed gems
around your town. The quirky bars and cafes and stunning expat destinations to visit that you
can’t find in guidebooks. The locals will also show you where to buy property in Turkey.
Befriending Turkish people has many benefits. You will have a chance to learn about culture,
history, and real Turkey, without forgetting your friend’s lives and background. These things will
help you have a good experience in Turkey.

Give it time

The first year of moving to Turkey can be hard. You may wonder why you relocated in the first
place as you will feel homesick and sad all the time. Feeling lonely is normal as everyone will
experience the same because you will be dealing with a foreign culture, new foods, weather and
tricky system of government as you meet with new people. As a new expat living in Turkey, you
can try to do beautiful things whenever you feel down like going to a cinema or cooking a
delicious meal. You can also call your friends and those you miss. With the introduction of the
internet, the world has become a global village. So, you can talk to family on Skype and see
them live.

Before visiting Turkey, make sure you sort out your paperwork. Produce duplicates of all your
essential paperwork like marriage certificate, birth certificate, passport, medical records, and
driving licenses. You can give a copy of the documents to someone you trust for safe storage and
take the other set. You can as thoroughly scan all the paperwork and save them on google drive.
Moving to Turkey can be a wise move because of the numerous benefits the county offers. Even
property in Turkey is very cheap.