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Istanbul can be very attractive as a beautiful, historical and a touristic city but if you are living in this crowded city, you might feel some disappointments. One of those disappointment is that it is quite hard to find the right place to live. When you decide to buy a house in Istanbul, there are 4 main issues to take into consideration.

  • Istanbul is a very crowded city with nearly 14 million people living in the city. When you want to go out, it may take a while until you reach your destination. That’s why you need to decide where your house should be located. Location of the house is the first thing to consider when you want to buy a house in a crowded city like Istanbul.
  • Neighborhood is the second important issue to take into consideration. You can find out the characteristic of the neighborhood online. This is important because you may encounter unpleasant events after you moved to your new residence.


  • The third thing to consider is the facilities and features, the environment can provide. People want to have the shopping mall, the pharmacy, the school or the hospital near to them as much as possible.
  • And finally the price. It is very hard to find a lovely house that is just affordable within your budget. Your budget may limit the other tree options but you have to consider all these four things as a whole before buying a house in Istanbul.