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For being the most populated city of the region, Istanbul holds both the title of most affordable and most luxurious apartments in all Turkey. This city with 16 million population is in constant growth. The young population is always on the hunt for apartments around the globally popular universities located in Beşiktaş, Beyoğlu, Tuzla, or Kadıköy. Families and workers who come from out of the province are always looking for apartments closer to the city centers, Taksim, Üsküdar, Şişli, or Kadıköy.

The reports also published that real estate projects overlooking the sea generate more gain rates varying from 25% - 55% on average, and the areas of Sarıyer, Küçükçekmece, Maltepe, and Kadıköy are the most essential areas for those looking for luxury villas in Istanbul. Kartal and Üsküdar areas for apartment buyers in Istanbul on the Asian side of the city, where many new real estate projects are being built, are slowly gaining more demand with every new residential project.

You could potentially buy a $250.000 property in Istanbul to secure your Turkish citizenship, then rent out the property for the 3-year no-sell duration to get the double of your purchase. Below you can find information as to which districts are most investment-friendly zones, as well as some of their most valuable rising projects.


Bakırköy is one of the most central and oldest districts, known for its beaches by the Marmara Sea. The district is one of the ancient areas of Istanbul, with a population of around 229,239 people.

Zeytinburnu (1)

With various transportation options, and a seafront, the city of Bakırköy is the place to be. The luxurious lifestyle of this district in Istanbul is enviable, with all that one can ever think of being found here. The booming economic growth of the areas of the district, such as D-100 Highway and luxurious Florya, makes Bakırköy the definitive choice for investors, as it guarantees high ROI. To the east of Bakırköy lies Zeytinburnu, Küçükçekmece and Bahçelievler to the north, Avcılar on the west, and north-west is Esenler. The real estate value of the districts of Bakırköy has gone up in the recent past due to the multıpl projects rising by the Marmara Sea.

Marina Bakırköy is a project rising on the district's coastal road, which is on the upcoming megaproject Canal Istanbul, and has a fantastic view of the Marmara sea. The project offers to create a seaside district with four neighborhoods while respecting and making use of the history of the area. Built on a 111.000 m2 ground in Kazlıçeşme, Marina Bakırköy includes 2+1, 3+1 and 4+1 unit sizes as well as lofts that start from $295.800.

Built by the seaside, Foretop Bakırköy residential units have a clear view of the sea, and they are certain to be the future of smart home systems. Built on a 62.373 m2 ground, Foretop Bakırköy includes 239 residential units on seven blocks. The units in the project start from $350.100.

The buildings are 16 and 17 floors high. All of the residential units are in the sizes of 4+1, 4+2 duplex, 5+1, and 5+2 duplex. 4+1 units are 290 m2, and 5+1 units are 363 m2 in size. The home offices found in Foretop Bakırköy are in the sizes of 1+1 and 2+1. The residential units are specifically designed to be quiet, with only one shared wall between the different units. 


Wanting a private space, in a secluded setting, yet close to the community is a dream for all. In Sarıyer, you could have all that, and so much more as you wake up to a life of luxury on the European side of Istanbul. With large projects rising every year, housing prices in the region have doubled in USD in recent years. The average square meter prices of the houses located in the most in-demand areas on the line of Tarabya-Istinye go for between 10 to 15 thousand dollars. The rental income is also a really good income for those investors who are generally dollar-based. For those who wish to live in absolute luxury, the most expensive building in the district is a mansion by the Bosphorus coast, selling for 2.405.900 USD. 

For those who wish to invest in a more community-oriented space, Maslak Valley welcomes you all to the residential units surrounded by nature, in the middle of Istanbul. Valley Forest is a project located in Sarıyer, with sizes ranging from 1 to 3 bedrooms with 242 units to choose from. It is rising right beside the TEM highway which allows easy and quick access to almost anywhere in Istanbul. The project is only 1,3 kilometers away from Turk Telekom Stadium, 4 kilometers away from the business center Maslak which is a great opportunity for those who wish to live near the business centers due to their occupation. The project also offer various public transportations such as the subway and Havaray for airport travels. Maslak Valley gets its name from the forest view that surrounds the project from three sides. The unit prices in this family-friendly natural project starts from $313.400 USD.


Many of the more modern and newer businesses, especially banks, have been choosing Maslak as their operating zone. The E5 Highway that connects two continents passes through here, with quick access to the three bridges, high-quality hospitals, and art venues. Due to the closeness to the Asian continent, Europe on the west, and Black Sea countries on the north, was chosen to be an economical center. The public transit system has been improved and designed to accommodate the district’s needs. 


Ten Levent's first-class materials combined with flawless and perfect craftsmanship. Your living room, kitchen, and your bathroom come to life with the most elegant reflections of comfort. In 1 + 1 and 2 + 1 apartments starting from $90.200 USD, products are secured with armatures. Luxury and high-quality materials are used in Ten Levent in every corner from the cloakroom to the doors; it adds value to every moment of your life with the design.

With its fascinating architecture, Ten Levent makes you feel the difference at first sight. The quality and comfort of the building invites you to both live in and have a profitable investment. With its smart home system, Ten Levent makes life more comfortable and offers you a safe experience. Thanks to the smart home system, the lights you forgot when you were out, the iron you forgot in the socket, or the food forgotten in the over is no more a problem for you. You will be informed about the events that may occur in your apartment, taking necessary measures to prevent any situation you do not want to happen.


Şişli is one of the most crowded districts of Istanbul. Some of the most famous neighborhoods of Istanbul such as Mecidiyeköy, Bomonti, and Ok Meydanı are located there. Şişli is leading the total number of firms opened in Istanbul with 2,637 corporations, while also leading the tourism industry by housing 22 different 5-Star Hotels. 

Thanks to its location so many investments are held in this place and so many residential sites, malls, skyscrapers, hotels, hospitals, universities have been constructed here. One of the largest malls in Istanbul and Europe is located here, called Cevahir.

Istanbul Tower is one of the most remarkable residential complexes in Istanbul. The project is built on 6.842 m2 ground and has 243 home offices, 12 offices, and 36 stores that start from $500.100. Although they all are independent of each other, they can also be together if need be. Istanbul Tower is mainly designed with the concept to offer its residents a place that can be either their home or office or both if they wish it to be so. Four meters high ceilings, soundproof yet pop-up windows, central air conditioning, and 11 elevators are the details that make Istanbul Tower perfect for business. At the 220m tall residence, you will have a unique view of your home or company.