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Turkish real estate market has been attracting many foreign buyers from all over the world for investment or for living. So, everyone is trying to purchase and own a property to profit from the benefits that this transaction provides such as Turkish residency or Turkish citizenship.

But before buying a property, you can you might hesitate between a normal house or a residential compound. As a real estate consultancy company, we highly recommend residential compounds to our customers because of the advantages and the benefits they afford.

We will be listing below these services and privileges to help you decide.

Although ordinary houses might be more attractive when it comes to prices, paying for a unit in a residential compound includes many services and facilities allowing you to enjoy a decent and comfortable life.

Security and Safety:


Residential compounds are equipped with an efficient security system. In fact, a system of high-tech cameras is settled in different areas in the compound with a vigilant staff surveying them 24/7.

The entry of the compound is also controlled by guards with automatic opening system making sure allow only the residents or their confirmed guests to enter the building. Thus, the compound will be protected from strangers or thieves’ abuses.

Access to the social facilities is also controlled by an automatic entry system. So, you will be sharing these facilities only with your neighbors.

Besides, residential compounds include also safety system such as fire extinguishers in case if emergencies.

High-tech buildings:


 Residential compounds are relatively a new concept in the last few years, all these buildings are constructed with great technological potentials. It includes modern techniques and developed tools. The apartments in most of the residential compounds in Turkey are equipped with smart home system that allows you to control your house easily even if you are outside.

Insurance and earthquake resistance:


Earthquake risk has always been a big challenge to Turkey being in a seismic area. It probably became a serious concern today especially after the series of earthquake that the country lived last month. But you can be comfortable towards this issue if you live in a compound. Actually, after the 1990s earthquake that caused a huge damage in Istanbul and Kocaeli, the government took into consideration the existing probability of earthquake and established a set of construction laws and obliged private companies to fulfill seism security conditions.

Since almost all the residential compounds are built within the last 5 years, they all respect the anti-seismic measures.

They also pay insurance for damages caused by an eventual earthquake.

Services and social facilities:


Residential compounds are based on the concept of life inside the complex by fulfilling all your needs, so you won’t have to leave the borders of the compound.

In fact, it provides all your daily needs such as markets, shops and grocery stores. In addition to leisure facilities such as fitness center, sauna, gardens, swimming pools, cafes, sport fields and playgrounds. Some of them even include a 5-star hotel for your guests.

Besides, some compounds offer transfer and concierge services. All this is for a moderate monthly fee.

Easy transport connection:


Most of the residential compounds are built near or directly on main roads facilitating transportation in the opposite to ordinary homes that most of them constructed between narrow streets.

Besides, in order to raise the value of their projects, residential complexes often pay attention to the public transportation alternatives while choosing the land of the project.

Strategical location:


In addition to being easily reachable by public transportation means, residential compounds have generally an appealing location close to important city’s landmarks to facilitate its identification by eventual residents especially the foreigner ones.

Besides, they take into consideration the apartments view whether it’s sea, green or city view in order to provide an attractive and peaceful atmosphere.

Good management and after sale service:


The special feature that distinguishes residential compounds rather than ordinary houses is the management service that organizes and bears the burden of maintenance and facilities development. It also takes care of the repairs in the house and follows up problems and malfunctions. It can even provide rental services if needed.


To summarize, residential compounds are the most convenient and suitable accommodation that provides decent and comfortable life especially for expats or newcomers.