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A concrete step was taken for YHT! Ankara-İstanbul gets down to 1.5 hour

The Minister of Transportation, Shipping and Journalism Lütfi Elvan said that there are some feasibility works in YHT to reduce the time to 1.5 hour between Ankara and İstanbul.

Elvan ,noted that there are some works pursued regarding to which will directly connect Ankara to İstanbul.


Elvan said also that they want to provide this line construction with the construct-business state model. “We are giving feasibility work and detailized information to the firms that are interested in the Ankara-İstanbul YHT line.5-6 firms have specified that they are interested in this mega project. The YHT trains are going to make 350 km speed and our citizens will get from Ankara to İstanbul in 1.5 hour.

The promotion apply reduced the prices

Elvan specified that 30% of the airline expenses are caused by fuel and the decrease of the oil prices provided also the decrease of the airline ticket prices. “From this point of view, airline firms present many promotion programs and sell tickets around 39-59 TL. This project is one of the main one within the 2023 targets. When this speed railway will get activated ,YHT will become a commuter line that is going to visit all the cities.” The government hopes to reduce the journey duration even more with the upcoming project.