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Başakşehir is a district of Istanbul, located on the European side. The area is designed with modern and developed infrastructures, which attracts local and foreign investors from all over the world.

The region is found right by the most lively areas. Başakşehir was declared a district in 2008 after its separation from Küçükçekmece. It is bordered by: Arnavutköy from the north, Eyüp from the northeast, Sultan Gazi from the east side. It is easy to travel between Bağcılar, Küçükçekmece and Avcilar from the south side, and Esenyurt from the southwest area of the district.

Along with the famous large forests, consisting of cypress and pine trees, evergreen trees can also be observed throughout the year. A river passes through the region, and the Sazlıdere dam formed along the river, which flows into Küçükçekmece Lake. The rarely untouched Başakşehir's natural surroundings throughout the region creates a wonderful atmosphere, next to a massive man made lake.



Başakşehir is home to a massive government-run hospital facility. There are also 23 other medical clinics supported by the Turkish government, along with a large number of private hospitals. The government has recently begun to create a city of health in Başakşehir. They are modeling it to be the largest of its kind on all of Europe, especially with 8 specific hospitals that have the capacity of up to 3 thousand beds and equipped with the latest medical devices.

Service and Infrastructure

Because the district is about to be the central health service location, the municipality has been working with the government to design the largest city center in Istanbul. The new square will be built on a 600,000 m2 area, which will be two times larger than Beyoğlu district's famous Taksim square. Underneath the city center, there are multiple subway project going on to connect Başakşehir to the rest of Istanbul, even to the edge of the Asian side. The Turkish government supports the projects with a cost of 450 Million Turkish Liras.

There is already an established network of public transit systems surrounding the region. From buses, to the Marmaray, and metro stations of the District that connects passengers with the airports of the city.


Social Life of Başakşehir

The district is home to a rich social environment, including shopping centers, theaters, cinemas, conference and celebration halls. There is a huge sports stadium in Başakşehir with its own Football Club that is competing on the premier league of the Turkish Soccer League. The district is portrayed by a young population, where the age group under 20 represents almost half of the total population.

Nature of Başakşehir

The Lake of Başakşehir extends over an area of ​​26 thousand square meters, is the largest artificial lake in the whole city. It is surrounded by large areas of parks in the lake, extending over an area of ​​300.000 m2, next to entertainment locations such as restaurants, game parks, and clubs. The region also contains the second-largest field in Istanbul, which is used for many diverse activities throughout the year; theatrical performances, parties, and festivals. The Ramadan celebrations are the most notable of these events.