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Şişli is one of the most crowded districts of Istanbul. Some of the most famous neighborhoods of Istanbul such as Nişantaşı, Mecidiyeköy, Bomonti, and Ok Meydanı located in the district. Şişli is surrounded by Beşiktaş, Beyoğlu and Kağıthane districts, making itself a central location for any visitors. Thanks to its location so many investments are held in this place and so many residential sites, malls, skyscrapers, hotels, hospitals, universities have been constructed here. One of the largest malls in Istanbul and Europe is located here, called Cevahir. Istanbul's first tram lines, natural gas, and electricity network were built in the district.

Istanbul Tower

Istanbul Tower is located in Mecidiyeköy, an area known to be one of the business centers in Istanbul. The district provides easy access to work for its residents without spending their valuable time on the way. İstanbul Tower is close to all the public transportation services and the Bosphorus Bridge that connects the two continents. Reaching to the other side has never been so easy!


Istanbul Tower is built on 6.842 m2 ground and has 243 home offices, 12 offices, and 36 stores that start from $500.100. Although they all are independent of each other, they can also be together if need be. İstanbul Tower is mainly designed with the concept to offer its residents a place that can be either their home or office or both if they wish it to be so.

Istanbul Tower has considered everything to provide a better life for its residents. Open common spaces, stores, cafes, and hairdressers are built for socialization. In addition to concierge services, a bicycle parking lot, and showers are only a few things that you can have access to in this residence. Four meters high ceilings, soundproof yet pop-up windows, central air conditioning, and 11 elevators are the details that make İstanbul Tower perfect for business.


With an international airport, many road transport options, and a seafront, the city of Zeytinburnu is a place to be. The luxurious lifestyle of this district in Istanbul is enviable, with all that one can ever think of being found here. The booming economic growth of the areas of Zeytinburnu makes it an investment in Istanbul destination of choice for the world’s leading investors, as it guarantees high ROI. The district is the 11th largest, with a population of around 288,743 people. To the east of Zeytinburnu districts is Fatih, Bayrampaşa to the north, to the west is Bakırköy, and north-west is Esenler. The real estate value of the districts of Zeytinburnu has gone up in the recent past due to the multıpl projects rising by the Marmara Sea, overlooking Topkapı district.

Marina Bakırköymarina-bakirkoy-16 

Marina Bakırköy is a project rising in Kazlıçeşme's coastal road, which is close to the Bosphorus Bridge and has a fantastic view of the sea. The project offers to create a seaside district with four neighborhoods while respecting and making use of the history of the area. Built on a 111.000 m2 ground in Kazlıçeşme, Marina Bakırköy includes 2+1, 3+1 and 4+1 unit sizes as well as lofts that start from $295.800.

An English architecture company Chapman Taylor, which won more than 200 international awards, has designed the project. Marina Bakırköy offers many cultural and art centers near your home. Full of activities that support personal growth, such as creative and artistic workshops, fitness centers for a healthier life, gardens full of various flowers, playgrounds for kids, and bicycle roads for its residents to live. A fulfilling life without ever stepping outside the district awaits you.


Many of the more modern and newer businesses, especially banks, have been choosing Maslak as their operating zone. The E5 Highway that connects two continents passes through here, with quick access to the three bridges, high-quality hospitals, and art venues. Due to the closeness to the Asian continent, Europe on the west, and Black Sea countries on the north, was chosen to be an economical center. The public transit system has been improved and designed to accommodate the district’s needs. You can travel to all sides of Istanbul through the subway station on the main road of Maslak, or you can take it to one station over and watch a soccer game at the nearby stadium.

maslak valleyMaslak Valley

Maslak Valley surrounds itself with the Belgrade Forest on the European side of Istanbul, while being a short ride away from the heart of the city. The project has three areas; Terrace, Bulvar, and Park, built on 423.000 m2 land. The project includes 1.915 flats that start from $288.400, a shopping mall with 103.000 sqm, a 760 meters long avenue full of street shops, fully equipped office space of 300 thousand sqm, home offices of 20 thousand m2, and a 5-star hotel. The total constructional area of Maslak Valley is 1.350.000 m2.

In Maslak Valley, your convenience is held above all else. There are Sauna and Turkish Baths (Hamam) to relax after a stressful day. Fitness Center is ready to help you sweat even more if your Hamam visit was not enough. Through its terrace buildings, you will enjoy the Istanbul skyline from above, or watch the sunset over the Belgrade forest in the project's private park. The new Istanbul Airport is only a 25-minute drive away by car, while you can also take the public transit through nearby stations. Maslak Valley was designed to offer you the privilege you desire. While the project has a secure parking garage, those who wish to commute can take busses or the subway located by Maslak Valley. The 24/7 security will offer you a life of luxury in the heart of the city.


Situated in the European side, it is an 8.76 sqm area surrounded by Sişli, Beşiktaş and Kağıthane districts in the north and Golden Horn and Bosphorus in other directions. The district is composed of 45 points and has no rural settlements. Beyoğlu was home to one of the first settlements in Istanbul. The “Pera” neighborhood which means “the other side” is still home to many, as well as an internationally recognized art school. Galata which was within the borders of Beyoğlu in history was an area inhabited by Genoese in Byzantine times. When the Christian immigrants came from Galata and settled in Istiklal Avenue, then known as “Grand Rue de Pera”, it became a settlement with a European look. While the district itself has only 238,762 residents, more than a million tourists visit the district. Since it is such a historical location, it also makes sense to protect old hotels in the area. The district has the second-highest volume of 4-star hotels in Istanbul.

Taksim Panorama 

Taksim Panorama, which is the first ‘’Urban Renewal’’ Project of Turkey, where historical values are carefully maintained, is one of the sample projects of Istanbul along with its 165.000 m2 of building area and 220 meters of frontage. The project establishes itself as the new address to be and invest in nine blocks and 952 units that start from $342.000. Along with its 1,000 car parking capacity and concept streets, the project will offer comfortable housing, offices, shopping, and social life.

taksim panaroma


Located on the same side as Ataköy and Başakşehir, Kağıthane is a residential area that boasts of magnificent green nature. The district features some of the best modern Turkish architecture, making it a place that everyone would wish to be. Surrounded by a series of public as well as private parks, Kağıthane makes it on the list of the best residential areas in Istanbul. When you visit this area, expect nothing short of tranquil and high-quality services with an array of social amenities.

Seven Papers

Seven Papers is a project located in Kağıthane, a district that is known as a business center with increasing value as well as a central location in İstanbul. The project is situated right between E5 and TEM highways. It is also close to public transportation services along with many central locations such as Mecidiyeköy, Levent, and Şişli, as well as the Bosphorus, being only 10 minutes away. The facilities and services included in Seven Papers are indoor and outdoor swimming pools separate for men and women, 1600 m2 fitness centers for men and women separately, saunas, cafes, playgrounds, security surveillance, and parking garages.


Seven Papers consists of 8 blocks that include 122 residential units. The residential units have the options of 2+1 and 3+1 along with duplex units with the choices of 3+1, 4+1, and 5+1. 2+1 units are in between 90 m2 and 95 m2, 3+1 units are 130 m2, 4+1 units are ranging from 205 m2 to 230 m2 while 5+1 units are in between 210 m2 and 260 m2 in size. The units' starting price is $214.300. The project has a 1400 m2 area for socializing and 3.300 m2 area designed to be the garden.