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Beylikdüzü is becoming a popular district in Istanbul over the last few years. Increasing property values draw the investors’ attention while the improving community with many facilities and services is drawing the attraction of the public to move into the district. The district is home to many annual festivals through July to October. Beylikdüzü is slowly but surely becoming a multicultural, diverse environment with many people moving from many different countries either for educational purposes or they become a Turkish citizen.


Industrial Investments and Developments in Beylikdüzü

The district has the largest cargo container port in Turkey. It has an organized industrial site, high capacity fueling and dispensing facilities, eco-friendly electricity generation facility Fuel-Oil, Turkey’s largest fish market, advantageous fields for residence and office buildings to be built, TÜYAP expo center and increasing investment opportunities that make Beylikdüzü an economic attraction point. 

The container port located on the coast of Beylikdüzü is built on a 1,5 million m2 ground where 6.000 ships are boarding and between 5.000 and 7.000 trucks are coming and going. Over 2.000 employees are working in the facility. It is one of the largest 50 container ports in the entire world. As of 2011, this container port is where the 7.2% of the international trade takes place in Turkey. 

The organized industrial site found in Beylikdüzü has more than 15.000 people working. It has three main fields. One of the fields is where copper and brass are processed and produced. The other field is where the marble need of Istanbul is fulfilled. The last field include machines, plastic, carpentry, furniture making, steel, aluminum, automotive and printing industries. There is also a separate industrial site where textiles, food, packaging, automotive, paper printing and plastic companies are functioning. 



There are 17 primary schools, 17 middle schools and 14 high schools in Beylikdüzü. It also has the only Fine Arts High School on the European side of Istanbul. There are also many universities located nearby the district and there have been projects on establishing a university in Beylikdüzü as well.

Health Sector

There are 4 private hospitals along with a state hospital being built in the district at the moment. In Beylikdüzü, the residents can benefit from services such as residential care, rehabilitation for the disabled, mouth and dental care, nutrition, and diet support. 


In recent years, the real estate investments in Beylikdüzü have been increasing extremely fast. Even though not being located in central Istanbul, Beylikdüzü is a fine example of urban development among all the other districts in Istanbul. The real estate projects taking place in Beylikdüzü offer high profits in return. These profits are expected to increase with the current Metro line project that will reach Beylikdüzü which will make transportation much easier to the center of the city. 

There is a new project being prepared for a park that is 1 million m2 in size. This park named “Yaşam Vadisi” which can be translated as “life valley” is going to be one of the largest and greenest parks in Istanbul. The park is designed in 6 sections to provide the residents of Beylikdüzü with everything they need. Some of the features of this extraordinary park are an ice rink, football field, coppice forest, ponds, 1,18 km long bike roads, 3,62 km long walking tracks, workout areas, cafes along with art workshops, exhibition centers, cafes, restaurants, games such as chess, a Japanese garden and stages for entertainment. 

Although away from the city center, Beylikdüzü keeps attracting travelers and investors thanks to its elegant design with modern buildings and huger towers. While in this area, you can be able to have an unlimited view of the sea, given that it stretches along the Marmara Sea and black sea. 


The Marmara Sea has contributed immensely to the hundreds of investors coming to this area. This has made the prices of real estate in Beylikdüzü to shoot upwards. It also acts as a tourist attraction site, given that historical sites have been developed in the area as well. 

There is everything here to make you fall in love with this area. Think of an excellent transport network, the presence of international schools, tourists’ sites, and others.