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In 2017, it is planning to ensure cooperation especially between public institutions for big infrastructure projects that effects more than one institution and sector. In the Guideline of Investment Program Preperation Principles, a new approach is assigned. According to this approach, big infrastructure projects that effects more than one institution and sector, it is obliged to maintain cooperation between public institutions.

It is emphasized in the guideline, that between public institutions the cooperation level is not at the level intended. The aim of this approach is enhancing information sharing and joint decision making processes at the planning and implementing phases of the big infrastructure projects. This would decrease the costs of projects.

Real estate prices

Kanal Istanbul is one of the most magnificent and prominent project in Istanbul, that aims to build an artificial sea level waterway. This project, could add an important value to world’s one of the most crowded, historical and modern city Istanbul.


Real estate prices in the region boomed

After finishing the project a new island would be created between the two continents, Asia and Europe. This creates a new phenomenon in Istanbul and in that region real estate prices would be increased spectecularly. According to the real estate experts, especially, in Küçükçekmece and Yeniköy region the prices will increase almost 10 times after the completion of the Project. From this aspect, with the recent cooperation agreement, the completion of the Kanal Istanbul Project is expected to be accelerated.