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According to U.S News & World Report that has published recently the global university ranking, Bogazici University has made it among the top 200 world’s best global universities. Being the only Turkish University figuring in the list of “2020 Best Global Universities Ranking”, it takes the 186th place.

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This ranking is based on different criteria mainly academic research, reputation of the university and the available departments.

Containing mostly universities in the USA and the UK, this ranking set the bars so high to select the world’s best universities putting Harvard in the top of the list.

The Bogazici University figures in other rankings too being in the 21st place among Asia best universities this year. It also comes within the top 100 universities in the world in Physics. And of course, it’s the best university in Turkey.

The university established first in 1863 as Robert College, was the first American university founded abroad. Until it was handed To the Republic of Turkey in 1971 and got the name of “Bogazici University” that still hold currently.

It’s a multidisciplinary university involving 6 different undergraduate faculties and 6 graduate institutes with a huge variety of departments. In fact, we find:

  • Faculty of Art and Sciences
  • Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences
  • Faculty of Education
  • Faculty f Engineering
  • School of Applied Disciplines
  • School of Foreign Languages


The university welcomes a huge number of students with about 452 international ones this year.