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Choose the Best Residential Areas for Housing in Istanbul

Are you thinking of moving to Istanbul? Or are you already living in Istanbul? Well, you first need to understand the best areas that you can move it. Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey. Each area of this city has the features that make it unique from the other. This feature makes the best residential areas vary due to many reasons. You will understand that all of these areas vary in natural beauty, urban as well as economic viability, success in various projects, and so on. To know how to choose the best residential areas for housing in Istanbul, then read this post to the end.

Things to consider before choosing a residential area in Istanbul

Selecting a housing area for living in Istanbul is probably one of the most vital decisions you can ever make. Because the area you choose will determine the future value of the house as well as many other aspects of your life. Note that Istanbul is a big city, perhaps the largest city in turkey. It has a total of over 18 million people, with at least 39 residential areas. Below are some of the factors you need to consider before settling on any of these housing areas?

The infrastructure of the city

Before you choose any area to develop your property in Istanbul, you first need to consider the availability of infrastructure. It is so important that if you make a wrong decision on it, then it might take years before your property can grow in value. Think of things like hospitals, schools, shopping centers, and the rest, all of which are vital to any homeowner.

Anyone looking to buy a home in Istanbul will first want to know the distance between the house and school, given that he probably will have children. Not so many would appreciate taking their children to schools in Istanbul which are far away, as this would mean they will have to spend time taking their children to school and picking them after school. It might be quite hard for those employed parents. Also, think of the availability of international schools in Istanbul, and how far they are from the area, you want to live in Turkey.

The proximity to the hospital is also another very vital consideration for homeowners. Because no one can tell when he/she will need medical services, and thus the nearer you are to a health facility, the better. In case of any medical emergencies, then one can easily access it.

The presence of right roads in any residential area in Istanbul means that it is highly attractive to housing projects. Thus you should be keen to check how the streets have been developed before buying a housing property.

Transportation means

Means of transport is another vital factor for one to consider before choosing a residential area in Istanbul. Note that just like infrastructure, the methods of traffic determines the value of the residential property you want to invest. If the property is far away from the main transport lines, then you should expect the prices to be low as compared to those that are close to the transport means. In Istanbul, you need to consider the proximity to the metro line, the Motorbus line, or the bus line, given that these are the major transport options in the city. Before you buy any residential area, ensure that the region is close to any of these.

Security of the residential area

In any large city, not just Istanbul alone, security and safety is a significant factor. As you ponder on which area to choose for your residential property in Turkey, you need to also find out about the security of the city. To have a glimpse of the security of any area, try to find the number of police stations in any region. The higher the number of police stations, the better.

But generally, the security of Istanbul is excellent, with meager crime rates. But this is not to say there are no crimes in some of the residential areas in this city.

Your budget

Every residential area in Istanbul has its price. This price is primarily based on several factors, such as proximity to major transport lines, security, availability of amenities, and so on. To avoid the hustle and tedious work of looking for a residential area, you need to narrow your search by finding out an approximate price for the regions. You will then compare this to what you have, and quickly get an excellent real estate area.

Apart from the actual price of the Istanbul property, you need to be sure that you can afford the cost of living in your favorite neighborhoods because it can turn costly if the area’s cost of living is high.

Think of the prospects of the area

To buy a property turkey, you need to know about its future. Istanbul municipalities are working towards ensuring that all the 39 or so residential areas are well developed. The information on the future of these areas can be found with some of the real estate agents operating within the districts in Istanbul. Make sure you ask your real estate agent about the future of the areas before you choose any one of them.

Eight best residential areas in Istanbul to consider buying a property

If you are considering buying property in Istanbul, then you will always be confronted with two choices. Either to buy on the European side or the Asian side. The European part is located to the west of Bosphorus Strait. This area is known as a busy area, full of happy people. Located to the east of Bosphorus is the Asian sides of Istanbul. This area holds the geographical importance of Istanbul, making it the best residential area of the city of Istanbul.

The vital coastal areas on Istanbul's European side make this area to be a major destination for most of those who want to buy apartments.


Located on the European side, Başakşehir is the new Istanbul center and has been classified by experts as one of the best areas to buy an apartment in Istanbul. The area boast of modern infrastructure and services, excellent geographical location near bridges and airports, and many others.

Başakşehir is located near to a large lake, has high-quality educational facilities and health facilities. These have made the area become a top destination for both local as well as international rich people who are now investing in Turkey. With all these, you cannot miss noticing the rising prices of the apartments in the area.


atakoy Ataköy

Ataköy is another area that has been rated as the best residential area in Istanbul. Ataköy boast of luxurious Istanbul hotels such as the Sheraton hotel. This residential area is full of modern buildings, gardens, and seaside cafes and restaurants and is located on the European side as well. Also, it is necessary to mention that Ataköy overlooks the Sea of Marmara, making it the best place for tourism in Turkey.

In terms of security, the area has several police stations equipped with well-trained officers. It ensures that the security of Ataköy is well maintained, and everyone is free to go about their activities.

Also, with the modern buildings in place, the municipality of this area has ensured that the city gets modern transportation lines, electricity, and other social amenities. These make the life of Ataköy enviable.



kagithane Kağıthane

Located on the same side as Ataköy and Başakşehir, Kağıthane is a residential area that boasts of magnificent green nature. There features some of the best modern Turkish architecture, making it a place that everyone would wish to be. Surrounded by a series of public as well as private parks, Kağıthane makes it on the list of the best residential areas in Istanbul. When you visit this area, expect nothing short of tranquil and high-quality services with an array of social amenities.

The area has a lot of modern facilities, with more and more foreign as well as local investors setting up residential apartments. These apartment has made the prices of real estate in the area go up. Luxurious projects in the area have also been witnessed in recent days.

basin express Basın Express

Located on the European side, Basın Express is considered to be one of the best areas for residential houses in Istanbul. The city is characterized by excellent transportation lines, given that it is located at a junction of roads between Ataturk and Istanbul's new airport.

Basın Express is known to be home to mega projects in Turkey. It has dozens of luxurious hotels, international and coastal roads, luxury house and many other others. These have made the property prices in the area to go up, with more and more local and international investors from as far as Central America as well as South America to come to the city.

The presence of social amenities, security, sound transport system, and the right place for shopping have attracted a large population of people to the area. Dubbed as the road to real estate in the area, everyone seems to want to travel towards the luxuries of this area.

halkali Halkalı

The Halkalı area of Istanbul is located on the European side and boasts of structures built using modern and innovative technologies. This area is the fastest growing in terms of development and capital inflows, with hundreds of investors choosing to invest their money here.

The area has a charming view of the lake, which is popular with Istanbul residents. In a bid to woo more investors to this area, the municipal council has put in more effort to ensure the area is passable, with modern roads being constructed.



bahcesehir Bahçeşehir

Also known as the city of gardens, Bahçeşehir city is the most beautiful of all the residential areas in Istanbul. It is a green city, with an excellent living environment.

Unlike some of the regions, this area has numerous shops, malls, health facilities, and so on. Experts opine that the cost of real estate in this area will rise by more than 50% once the metro line project is complete. This line will be able to connect this area to the central regions of the country. The proximity of the Istanbul canal project is another factor that makes the price of real estate in this area go high.

beylikduzu Beylikdüzü

Peoples from across the world have been trooping to this area, thanks to its elegant design with modern buildings and huger towers. While in this area, you can be able to have an unlimited view of the sea, given that it stretches along the Marmara Sea and black sea.

The Marmara Sea has contributed immensely to the hundreds of investors coming to this area. This has made the prices of real estate in Beylikdüzü to shoot upwards. It also acts as a tourist attraction site, given that historical sites have been developed in the area as well.

There is everything here to make you fall in love with this area. Think of an excellent transport network, the presence of international schools, tourists’ sites, and others.

uskudar Üsküdar

Üsküdar is a residential area found in the Asian part of Istanbul. It is mostly known for elites members of the society and has all that any elite can want to think it. This area is popularly known as the land of tourists, due to the high number of tourists that visit the city.

Üsküdar is located near the Bosphorus Bridge and the maiden tower. Üsküdar is one of the most famous tourist attractions in mot, just Istanbul, but the whole of Turkey. Tales about ancient historical past were narrated here.

This area also boasts of robust infrastructure, with new transportation network, modern technologies in public facilities and parks, and many others. It has high-quality hospitals, international airport, enhanced security, and many more, which all help to make the area the best residential area in Istanbul.


Located on the European side, between Taksim and Besiktas, Nişantaşı boasts of being home to celebrities and many expat arrivals. While in this area, it will be a miracle if you fail to spot a familiar face of a singer famous or TV host.

The area is well secured, with all manner of social amenities available. The well-maintained transport lines make this area exceptional, thus creating more and more popular individuals choose it for residential properties.


Istanbul is a place that is safe to travel for everyone, whether for business or just for leisure. And before you visit, you can get a travel guide online so that you can acquaint yourself with the residential properties as well as get answers to related questions of the area. By having a residential property in Turkey, you will now be among the many people who are benefiting from the economic viability of Istanbul.