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Work with customs and Trade contrary to legislation and regulations maintained by the Department of real estate agent who rented a fetching heavy penalties to daily renting house. In particular the terrorist and prostitution by popular daily renting house is real estate agent that is not in the required notification to the business of criminal organizations and to aiding and abetting criminal to terrorist organizations can be granted.

According to a report in the newspapers, scheduled about informal daily rental housing arrangement, from real estate to terrorist organizations cannot do, mainly shot in a significant blow to those who are infected with crime. Those who fail the standards will not be able to show your being in the industry. The identities of the remaining parties in hotels and hostels in online security units. This type of rental is in homes to report System Identification method is used when there is no crime wanted persons committing crimes to hide this type of apartments and purposeful. To log out of your House trade register evaluation and trades such as the hotel room must pay the tax.


Rented houses in like hotels but daily as a criminal operation method focuses on monitoring. As a top priority in the wake of the shutdown notice penalty will be applied. If it does not notify you again is off, a penalty that can be applied. Log home-related Finance and Safety studies. Rental in cases where the identity registration during the crime involved, and it’s getting harder and harder to catch and of those in search of record. Property owners rented on a monthly basis from the owners of the apartment apartments are rented out on a daily basis high cost to its customers.