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Arguably, Istanbul's most famous and historical districts may be on the European side, but in this city of 16 million, Fatih, Beyoğlu, or Beşiktaş are not what makes Istanbul the city that it is. The districts on the Asian side of the city are also home to many historical, and modern points of interest, and perhaps offer the best view of the Marmara Sea and the Prince Islands in all of Istanbul.



Üsküdar is a residential area found in the Asian part of Istanbul. It is mostly known for elite members of the society and has all that any elite can want to think of it. This area is popularly known as the land of tourists, due to the high number of tourists that visit the city.

Üsküdar is located near the Bosphorus Bridge and the maiden tower. Üsküdar is one of the most famous tourist attractions in mot, just Istanbul, but the whole of Turkey. Tales about ancient historical past were narrated here.

This area also boasts of robust infrastructure, with a new transportation network, modern technologies in public facilities and parks, and many others. It has high-quality hospitals, an international airport, enhanced security, and many more, which all help to make the area the best residential area in Istanbul.



Kadıköy is another historical, highly cultural, and relatively cheap district with a fantastic sea sight. Populated by just shy of half a million people, Kadıköy is a district that never sleeps. Great seafood restaurants are surrounded by countless music and art venues that work as live concerts for the people. It follows Beşiktaş’s lead of 28 First class restaurants, with 17 different food venues. In Kadıköy, there is a 15 km long street that connects Kadıköy to the neighboring districts on the coast. In Bağdat Caddesi (Street), the busses and the 25 people capacity minibusses frequently run 24/7 for easy travel. It is famous for the clothing stores and restaurants, while also known for its rising fancy apartment projects.

Located at the center of the district, the famous Bull Statue of Kadıköy was initially built in France and then gifted to the Turks by Germany in 1917. The Bull itself was designed with the thought of “strength” in mind. Although it is still pretty intimidating, the statue has been used as a meeting point with friends since its arrival to the city.

As it is a seaside district, and closest to the European side of the city, Kadıköy is a community that puts transportation first. There are three different diverse transportation methods, boat, metro, or bus lines to all around the city. The district is home to its own and the oldest Football club in the country, and an international football stadium. The district houses many Turkish league matches, as well as European League matches with an up to 50.509 fans capacity stadium.


Neighboring Kadıköy and Maltepe on the north, as well as known for its closeness to the Black Sea and a magnificent view of the Marmara, Ataşehir is one of the most popular real estate investment regions. The increase of the housing sales and commercial real estate prices in Ataşehir made the investors happy.

Ataşehir attracted attention with its increase in commercial real estate prices and became the ‘dearest’ among the investors because of the Istanbul Financial Center project. The rise of Ataşehir reflected also on the number of advertisements. According to the real estate news, the housing sales advertisements increased at a 158% rate than the previous year.


Prince Islands

This group of islands that handles quite a lot of the city's tourism for swimming and food, is also arguably the most populated location in terms of non-locals. You can easily reach them by taking the ferry from Eminönü, Beşiktaş, Kadıköy, or Bostancı districts. It can be hard to find a spot to relax for a moment during your hike to see the Church of Aya Yorgi in Büyük Ada. The major roads that lead to the church or the swimming spots all have various coffee shops all offering their chairs to the other visitors. All non-walking transportation on the Islands is provided by electrical vehicles or biking.

The Prince Islands used to and still are inhabited by many Armenians and Greeks living in Istanbul. There are nine islands in total, four of which are open to settlement, while the rest are usually deserted or too small for living on. The district is the most popular summer place in the city, where there is a very peaceful life.

If you do visit the islands during the winter season, taking that hike to Aya Yorgi will be easier under the chill wind of the winter. Snow might be a rare occasion considering the location of the Islands, but you may experience the white carpet covering the land, and falling on the mainland Istanbul through the highest points of each island.


While Tuzla was a summer holiday town on the shores of the Sea of Marmara, it became one of the important industrial districts of the Asian side of Istanbul with the establishment of shipyards in 1980. Today, new residential areas and projects are being carried out in the district, which maintains its importance in terms of being an industrial zone.



Maltepe is located between Kadıköy and Kartal. With its developed urban structure, social areas, entertainment centers, and shopping centers, it is another favorite residential area of the Asian side, and perhaps offers the best and closest view of the Prince Islands in Istanbul.