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Turkish educational system's plenty of school holidays allow some Istanbul residents to get away from the city to smaller holiday resorts on the west and south coasts. Those that are unable to get away because of work commitments instead travel distances to the outskirts like Şile or Kilyos to enjoy a variety of beaches that are clean, secluded, and full of comfort.

If you are planning on buying a property on the coastal districts, you will always have a getaway holiday spot to escape the humid air of Istanbul. While you will always have an option to dip into the Marmara Sea if you decide to buy a villa on the Bosphorus line, beaches located at areas like Silivri, Bostancı - Caddebostan, and Sarıyer will have plenty of communal spots where you can enjoy the sun and the sea in a city of 16 million!

If you want to be even further away from the traffic noises, and swim in more secluded areas, many beaches on Prince Islands on the Marmara Sea are ready to welcome you and your family.

Caddebostan Beach in the Kadıköy district provides a variety of facilities. You will get to swim and relax on a shore that overlooks the Prince Islands on the Marmara sea. The one downside is that because it is close to the main center, families flood there so anyone who does not like crowds may want to look somewhere else.

Solar Beach on Sarıyer district is the top getaway for the residents. Offering sea, shades to get away from the sun, and sports under one roof, one-kilometer of golden sand. The location has a 2000 person capacity, onsite restaurants and bars, water sports, and beach parties. Solar Beach's sun terraces are sophisticated venues for Fashion shows, they host jet-ski championships every year.

Burç Beach by Kilyos, overlooks the edges of the Black sea on the northern corner of Istanbul. This beach on the historical Kilyos is on a 2 kilometer long golden Turkish sand. Burç Beach hosts numerous activities such as kayaking and windsurfing, therefore boosting its popularity among young groups of friends. The resort offers bar and restaurant services for you to get away from the heat by any means necessary, Owned by the famous Boğaziçi University, visitors bask under umbrellas, enjoy the sun terrace, feast in the restaurant, and swim leisurely in the crystal blue sea.