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Every famous dessert has a synonymous name with the country they are originated, and “Lokum” is that sweet treat for Turkey. Starch and sugar are the main ingredients for Lokum but it can come in countless tastes, flavors, and colors. People in Anatolia have been making Lokum since the 15th century, but it got widely popular during the 17th century in the Ottoman Empire.

Lokum was truly experimented on and then introduced by Ali Ali Muhittin Hacı Bekir’s lokums in the shops of Istanbul, in 1776. The dish originated from the Ottoman Empire, was launched in Turkey, and then explorers took this to England and Hong Kong. It is a firm jelly-like cube, which has flavors of rosewater, lemon, or mastic. It also has powdered sugar on it. Lokum comes in different variations from which you can choose. It is famous due to its colors and delicious flavors. The red lokum gives rosewater, yellow Lokum gives lemon peel, and green lokum gives bitter orange flavor. The sellers serve this delight coated with rose, hazelnut, pistachios, walnut, almond, cream, cinnamon, coconut and almond, and mint. At some places, you can also enjoy it with different fruit flavors like lemon, apricot, orange, strawberry, and sour cherry.

Tasting this cuisine is a privilege, especially when tasted in its land of origin. It is not an uncommon sight to see airline travelers carrying plenty of boxes back to their home country in many boxes as souvenirs.