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To enhance the environment and the ecology quality in Turkey, after the restriction of the plastic bags, The Metropolitan Municipality of Istanbul IBB has adopted a new scheme to boost recycling.

This new initiative is about to exchange plastic bottles and aluminum cans for topping up your transport card locally known as “Istanbulkart”.

The first reverse vending machine was settled in Istanbul ITU Ayazaga metro station. Other 100 machines are meant to be spread in other different 25 locations in the city.

The machine accepts, scans the bottles and decides how much money will be loaded to your card according to the size of the bottles you have inserted.

The reverse machine accepts two different materials: plastic and aluminum.

While inserting a plastic bottle you will get:

  • 3 Kr for 0.33 L
  • 6 Kr for 0.5 L
  • 9 Kr for 1.5 L

However, for aluminum cans the exchange rate is higher:

  • 7 Kr for 0.33 L
  • 9 Kr for 0.5 L

This initiative taken by IBB has already been adopted in many different countries such as the US, China and UK and has boosted remarkably the recycling rate since its launching.