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Istanbul, with its 16 million population is almost its own country in the 80 million population of Turkey. Through the roots on two different continents, Istanbul is home to many districts that is not just historically and culturally, but naturally beautiful districts. Halkali, since it is founded next to a Lake that opens up to the Marmara Sea is one of the top wonders of Istanbul.

Halkalı area may be an example of a mixture of all three. A glance on the map will reveal to you the secret of its distinctiveness, and Halkalı is a beautiful area in Istanbul and has a lake that enchants the surroundings. 

Küçükçekmece Lake was and still is a destination for all residents of the city on weekends during the early days of the republic. People came to fish and swim while the children played in the nearby forest or just to sit and enjoy the gorgeous view of the lake with its nice breeze until the night. The train tracks used back then now operate to the edge of the Anatolian continent through the high-speed trains (YHT).

Today, the district has reached major milestones across the region, due to its relative proximity to the Istanbul Canal project, which increased interest in itself by both the government and investors.

There are various services offered in the Halkalı area and are characterized by health and education. The district has a good number of top-quality universities, such as the Social Sciences campus of the Marmara University.

Although shopping malls are everywhere in the city, the Halkali district is unique to hosting a range of restaurants, international brands, and cafes, including three different malls and various other shops. Halkalı offers cultural and artistic centers of all kinds, such as children's cinema and theater, where at least one theater and film show is held for free every week at each cultural center.