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According to real estate specialists, the criteria can be summarized as follows. Production costs, land value, potential rent profits, housing resale values of many factors considered in the same locations.

Calculate the value of rental housing

The measure in determining the issue price of rental income method is net earnings from the rent. Operating expenses, property taxes, insurance, management, maintenance, consulting, consists of expenses such as advertising. These expenses are subtracted from the rental income. It is determined by how much will be the surplus income. The total price of a property may be difficult to calculate based on annual rental incomes.


Current Property and Rent Prices are on the Rise

Recent real estate reports suggest that projects overlooking the sea generate more gain rates varying from 25% - 55% on average, and the areas of Sarıyer, Beşiktaş, Maltepe, and Kadıköy are the most essential areas for luxury villas in Istanbul. Kartal and Üsküdar districts are for apartments in Istanbul on the Asian side of the city, where many new real estate projects are being built, are slowly gaining more demand with every new residential project.

According to the 2020 values, the Sarıyer district held record-high rent prices for apartments and other properties. With a 3473 Turkish Liras rent average on 116m2 average property sizes, Sarıyer offers a total return on property in 39 years.


You can buy a $250.000 property in Istanbul to secure your Turkish citizenship, then rent out the property for the 3-year no-sell duration to get double your purchase. At Istanbul Real Estate, we have decade-long expertise in property purchase, rental, and sell guidance.