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Nearby a wide range of house for sale appears. How to calculate the property value of a Real-Estates?

According to many real estate experts, the criteria can be summarized as follows. Production costs, land value, what will be the gain to rent, housing resale values of many factors considered in the same locations.

Calculate the value of a rental housing

In fact, according to experts of this business says it is difficult to exactly determine a property’s price. Although a method to determine the value of real estate, it’s basically 3 methods.


Three main ingredients: rental income, cost , the comparison. The measure in determining the issue price of rental income method is net earnings from the rent. Operating expenses, property taxes, insurance, management, maintenance, consulting, consists of expenses such as advertising-ads. These expenses are subtracted from the rental income. It is determined by how long the residual income. But the price of a property is difficult to say how many will be determined based on the annual rental returns.

Experts also stressed the cost ‘method is not healthy alone. For example, it costs 90-100 thousand dollars, not even villas are sold at prices starting from 400 thousand dollars. That is talking about the cost of 4-5 times the price.

Current prices are high

Experts have stated that the real estate in Turkey is higher than the current price method. Residential rates, determines who want to purchase housing. Experts “citizens will be informed if house prices do not rise that much,” he says. You can use this information as “house price checker”.