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Demand on real estate market in Istanbul has reached its highest levels in the last few months. In a matter of fact, official data stated by the Turkish Statistical institute Turk Sat showed that an increase of 134.4 % has been noticed in October 2018 compared to the same period of last year. This high demand has boosted especially after the new regulation regarding obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment that was stated on September 2018. In fact, according to Turk Sat, a total of 30431 housing units was purchased by foreigners between October and January.

In front of these remarkable statistics, people having a special interest in this gorgeous city or those who are simply willing to follow the trend and own a property in Istanbul should be aware of some guiding recommendations to reach their target in the best conditions.

So here are the fundamental steps to take in this process.

Point out your needs:

You should know exactly what you are looking for and what you really need. It's important to know the aim behind this willing whether you are interested in investment or you will be living permanently in Istanbul or you just want to feel more comfortable in your own house while spending your holidays. These questions that might seem simple to you are greatly important. Not all the properties are suitable for all needs or for every profile. You should also define the features of your future house (view, size, floor…)

After laying out these points, think to evaluate them reasonably with your eventual budget. A lot of customers are demanding a lot of specifications ignoring that the more advantages you ask for, the more the value of the property rises.

Get to know the city:

No matter how long you have been browsing on internet and watching videos about the outstanding beauty of Istanbul, it's more efficient to see it with your own eyes.

Even if you have visited the city thousands of times and you think you are familiar with it, you might not know enough things about the real Istanbul. In fact, you should learn to see the city with a resident's or an investor's eyes rather than a tourist's ones. It might be true that you fell in love with Istanbul thanks to its Bosporus view or its Taksim street but as a resident you won't feel like to seeing them every day as in your holiday. It would be better for you to get your work place in the shortest time and through the less crowded ways. The same for an investor, he would care more about the ROI he can reach rather than how big the house is.

Be open to new alternatives:

Once you begin the process of finding the right property in Istanbul you might have already pictured your ideal home in your mind with the help of some advertising illustrations and information. However, you may realize that it's not the one once you see it in reality. So, don't be disappointed fast and give yourself the chance to discover other alternatives that might be more suitable for you even if it doesn't match with the model you have set in your mind.

Get an idea about the whole procedure:

Buying a property might seem often as a complicated operation full of boring bureaucratic instructions. How about when you are to apply it in a different country that you don't really know much about their rules. So, it's always better to have a general idea about the whole procedure before even viewing your property so you can be prepared in matter of time and budget and schedule easily your trip according to it.

Make sure to get your information from a reliable source.

Choose a trustworthy consultant:

The real estate market has been thriving for the last years and agents are competing all day long to catch clients at any cost. Moreover, new agents are showing up randomly every single day. So, make sure to choose a reputable company with an important background in the field and a good experience in the market to avoid facing these new aspects that only want to trap you. Try to get some references from people who have already gone through this experience.

You should also verify that you are dealing with a consultant who can easily understand your language to make your dialogue more fluent and productive.

Finding a trustworthy and reliable consultant is the major key of this whole adventure. In fact, he would accompany you in all the above-mentioned steps.

A reliable consultant with his wide knowledge would help you lay out your needs and get to know the city in an efficient way through the viewing trip he would organize for you. And thanks to his experience he would understand fast your request and target your needs in the briefest time. He even can negotiate for you and get you the best offer thanks to his relationships.

He would also provide you with all details regarding the purchasing procedure and accompany you in every instruction or even represent you legally through a power of attorney.