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While Istanbul has countless transportation options, its tramway lines are one of the oldest routes in the city. It runs through the most iconic and historical locations in just 30 mins from start to finish, on the European side of Istanbul. The T1 tram line travels between Kabataş and Bağcılar and allows you to reach some of the popular historical areas such as Beyazıt, Sultanahmet, Gülhane Park, Eminönü and even Karaköy. The graphics below shows you the four tramway routes in the city. While T2 and T3 and short routes that connect the two most popular districts on each side, T1 and T4 are the longest routes with plenty of stops.


T1: connects Kabataş and Bağcılar. (Historical
T2: The famous heritage tram that runs through Istiklal Street of Taksim.
T3: Kadıköy -Çarşı.
Tram line T4: Topkapı - Mescidi Selam.

The Tramway operates on a network of railways spread across the city, connecting passengers with Metro, Marmaray, buses, ports, and airports. It helps 2 million people reach the most modern areas and historic neighbourhoods in Istanbul every day!

The tramway is considered one of the most important means of transportation in Istanbul, and one of the best, because of its strict departure and arrival times. Tramway is unaffected by the traffic. It is the safest transportation option in the city through the amenities available in it, in addition to the level of safety it achieves.

On top of all these routes, Istanbul Municipality has announced an additional route to ease the after-shift traffic jam in Istanbul. Announced back in 2017, Esenler-Davutpaşa is about to be the second heritage tramway project in Istanbul. This is a 2.95 Million Turkish Lira investment made to one of the most popular traffic routes of the city! The new tramway route is planned to be 2.2 km long, and will carry up to 3 thousand people per ride. Starting from a district of residential units, and ending at the famous engineering university Yıldız Teknik University, the project is expected to increase the value of any real estate property on the route!