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Beylikdüzü offers increasing property values and a community who support and cares for each other.


Beylikdüzü is becoming a popular district in Istanbul over the last few years. Increasing property values draw the investors’ attention while the improving community with many facilities and services is drawing the attraction of the public to move into the district. Beylikdüzü is slowly but surely becoming a multicultural, diverse environment with many people moving from many different countries either for educational purposes or they become a Turkish citizen. 

This guide introduces the life in Beylikdüzü while providing many pieces of information about its history, economy, education and medical services along with the projects planned for the near future. The article also covers the information related to public transportation options in the area, its closeness to the Istanbul Airport and the real estate values. We hope that this guide will answer some of the questions you may have in mind about the rising district of Istanbul, Beylikdüzü.


Beylikdüzü is a district located on the westside of Istanbul. It is a district known for being home to mass housing projects and luxurious building complexes as well as residences. In that sense, Beylikdüzü is a rare district that has no slums to begin with and is in great development in terms of real estate. It is estimated that 40% of the people living in Beylikdüzü are university graduates. Beylikdüzü is known for being a diverse district, home to many people from different countries. 

The green space in Beylikdüzü is 7.39 m2 per person. Since 99% of the buildings located in Beylikdüzü use natural gas as the means of heating, the air in the district is very clean. Beylikdüzü is around 40 km away from central Istanbul. This may seem too far away for many however, the public transportation service options found in Beylikdüzü makes reaching the city center quite easy and fast. Beylikdüzü has a Metrobus line that travels even to the Asian side of Istanbul, with no transfer needed. 


It is believed that Beylikdüzü was founded by the Greeks. During the Roman Empire era, Beylikdüzü was only a small fishing village. During the Byzantine Empire era, it became a hunting ground. For centuries, Beylikdüzü was used as an accommodation center for travelers and merchants due to being at a high point in the city.

There is still an ancient boathouse located in Beylikdüzü that dates back to the Roman Empire period. It is thought that an important portion of this ancient boathouse is still underground. 

Right beside the highway in the Haramidere area in Beylikdüzü, there is a hunting lodge which was built by the order of Romanos Diogenes of the Byzantine Empire, dating back to the 11th century.

There is also a historic bridge called Kapıağası Köprüsü which was one of the four bridges that the famous Ottoman architect Mimar Sinan built. 

During the Ottoman Empire era, Beylikdüzü continued to be a popular hunting ground where the Sultans had their hunting lodges especially in the 16th and 17th centuries. The most popular among them is the hunting lodge of the Sultan Mehmet IV who lived between the years of 1648 and 1687. 

Due to its clean air, Beylikdüzü was a recommended place for the people who had asthma in the times of the Ottoman Empire. 

Beylikdüzü has a famous 300-year-old plane tree as well as a drinking fountain that dates back to the Ottoman Empire era. This drinking fountain is known as “Aşıklar Çeşmesi” which means “the lovers’ fountain” due to being the meeting place of the young men and women back in the day. 

Beylikdüzü was a place where people had their summer houses before the 1990s. However, after the ‘90s Beylikdüzü started to grow and continuously improved until it became a district in 2008. 


Beylikdüzü has the largest container port in Turkey. It has an organized industrial site, high capacity fueling and dispensing facilities, eco-friendly electricity generation facility Fuel-Oil, Turkey’s largest fish market, advantageous fields for residence and office buildings to be built, TÜYAP expo center and increasing investment opportunities that make Beylikdüzü an economic attraction point. 

The container port located on the coast of Beylikdüzü is built on a 1,5 million m2 ground where 6.000 ships are boarding and between 5.000 and 7.000 trucks are coming and going. There are over 2.000 employees working in the facility. It is one of the largest 50 container ports in the entire world. As of 2011, this container port is where the 7.2% of the international trade takes place in Turkey. 

The organized industrial site found in Beylikdüzü has more than 15.000 people working. It has three main fields. One of the fields is where copper and brass are processed and produced. The other field is where the marble need of Istanbul is fulfilled. The last field include machines, plastic, carpentry, furniture making, steel, aluminum, automotive and printing industries. There is also a separate industrial site where textile, food, packaging, automotive, paper printing and plastic companies are functioning. 


There are 17 primary schools, 17 middle schools and 14 high schools in Beylikdüzü. It also has the only Fine Arts High School on the European side of Istanbul. There are also many universities located nearby the district and there have been projects on establishing a university in Beylikdüzü as well. 


There are 4 private hospitals along with a state hospital being built in the district at the moment. In Beylikdüzü, the residents can benefit from services such as residential care, rehabilitation for the disabled, mouth and dental care, nutrition and diet support. 


Beylikdüzü is located right beside the Marmara Sea and it is also in between two lakes. The district has a 12.4 kilometers long beach that offers maintenance, water, electricity, internet services to 1.260 yachts in the West Istanbul Marina. This marina also has yacht club, tennis court, volleyball field, stores, cafes and restaurants, becoming a center of many get-togethers and festivals.


Beylikdüzü is a home to many annual festivals such as International Folk Dances Festival which takes place in July, Classical Music Festival occurs in August, Peace and Love Meetings in September and International Sculpture Festival in October.


In Beylikdüzü, shopping sprees are inevitable. During the cold winter days or hot summer days, these shopping malls become the frequently visited places in Beylikdüzü and they all have their unique aspects over each other. The most popular shopping malls in Beylikdüzü are Torium and Marmara Park due to their size and all the different stores that they provide for their visitors along with cafes, restaurants and cinemas. Other shopping malls located in Beylikdüzü include Beylikdüzü Migros, Beylicium and Perlavista. These shopping centers offer all sorts of entertainment for all the ages from 10:00 am till 10:00 pm every day. 


Beylikdüzü provides easy access to central Istanbul via many different public transportation services. The main public transportation service used by many is the Metrobus. Metrobus is essentially a bus that has its own line on the highway and travels almost as fast as a metro, hence the name. The Metrobus follows the E5 highway, starting from Beylikdüzü, it continues until Zincirlikuyu on the Asian side. In addition to the Metrobus, there are many buses that travel to different destinations in Istanbul. Some of these destinations include popular districts such as Taksim and Bakırköy.

In the near future, the metro line is planned to reach Beylikdüzü which will make traveling around Istanbul much easier and faster, allowing the residents of Beylikdüzü to choose between different options according to their needs. Due to this future metro line project, the real estate values are increasing day by day as well as the profits that will be made through investments. 

In Büyükçekmece, which is a nearby district, there are ferries functioning currently that allow the residents to easily travel to the city of Bursa on the opposite side of the Marmara Sea. 


Since Atatürk Airport has been closed and the new Istanbul Airport has been operating in a different place outside the city center, transportation to the new airport has become an issue. Even though there will be a metro line that will make reaching the airport much easier, for now, the Havaist buses carry the travelers to and from the Istanbul Airport. 

Beylikdüzü as a district gained even more reputation and increased in its value due to its closeness to the Istanbul Airport. Currently, Havaist buses traveling from Beylikdüzü to Istanbul Airport take about 90 minutes to get there. 


In recent years, the real estate investments in Beylikdüzü have been increasing extremely fast. Even though not being located in central Istanbul, Beylikdüzü is a fine example of urban development among all the other districts in Istanbul. The real estate projects taking place in Beylikdüzü offer high profit in return. These profits are expected to increase with the current Metro line project that will reach Beylikdüzü which will make transportation much easier to the center of the city. 


There is a new project being prepared for a park that is 1 million m2 in size. This park named “Yaşam Vadisi” which can be translated as “life valley” is going to be one of the largest and greenest parks in Istanbul. The park is designed in 6 sections to provide the residents of Beylikdüzü with everything they need. Some of the features of this extraordinary park are an ice rink, football field, coppice forest, ponds, 1,18 km long bike roads, 3,62 km long walking tracks, workout areas, cafes along with art workshops, exhibition centers, cafes, restaurants, games such as chess, a Japanese garden and stages for entertainment. 


There are many services being offered by the Municipality of Beylikdüzü in order to improve the quality of the community and help to design a close-knit community who looks out for each other and those in need. Some of the services they offer are listed below.


Health Services

believing the equality of all, Municipality of Beylikdüzü provides medical support for the elderly, disabled, bed-bound and helpless. 

Women and Family Services

Social services help women, families and the elderly to solve their physical, mental or spiritual problems and help them to be reintegrated into society as healthy and functional individuals who can successfully support themselves. 

Veterinary Services

Veterinary services provide medical help and care for the stray animals who are in need of help. The veterinary services take care of injured animals, vaccinate them to protect them from diseases and rabies and neuter them as well as providing shelter for the stray animals while also allowing adoptions. 

Sports Services

Municipality of Beylikdüzü provides sports facilities for kids all year round, sports activities for the adults and tournaments that every age group can attend each year. 


Education Services

Education services are designed to help the children and teenagers of the community to be socially and psychologically supported through a variety of courses provided for free to encourage personal development.

Library Services

There are 15 libraries in total in Beylikdüzü that provide a wide collection of books for the residents of all ages for completely free of charge to encourage reading more in the community. 

Environment Services

Municipality of Beylikdüzü is careful about the environment and works hard for recycling the waste appropriately.


Food Bank Services

The food bank services provide food for those in need through donations made by the community. 

Clothing Store Services

There are special clothing stores designed to serve those who are in need. Registered users can stop by these stores to get any clothing they might need. The clothings found in these stores are both firsthand and secondhand items. They also provide a dowry for newlyweds in need and baby supplies for their firstborns. 


Career Center

In the Beylikdüzü Career Center, the people who are looking for jobs can upload their CV and the people who are looking for employees can search the right person for the job. There are currently 21,444 CVs and 1,059 employers are registered on the website. Municipality of Beylikdüzü is trying to lower the unemployment levels and provide help for those who need career guidance.