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Smart Houses are the term to refer to homes that use modern technology to create the most comfortable living space possible for the homeowners. A smart home can warn you against any potential incidents that may occur from human accidents, such as forgetting to turn off the water or leaving a window open during a heavy storm.

Smart Homes are fully automated as they rely on the homeowner's guidance. Through the project's specific mobile or web application, you can control everything in your home, from the lights to gas, electrical appliances, AC, gas, and even the windows.

Your windows can automatically close when you turn on the air-conditioning system, and what is incredible about these smart homes is that they are equipped with an integrated information network to alert people and protect them from illnesses that might be growing in the community. Especially during these times, as the Coronavirus lockdowns continue on a global scale, a community and a home where you could be safe is the most important subject when deciding a new home.

Through the smart home systems, it is possible to control the air circulation in the house when you get out of the home in the morning, or when you invite new people to your house.

In the Turkish real estate industry, especially those on sale in Istanbul, there are quite many new and rising projects that offer deluxe smart home systems.

next plaza

Next Plaza
Next Plaza is being built on a 19.000 m2 ground. It is made up of 3 blocks and 488 residential units. Aside from the residential units, the project also includes commercial units in a 7.500 m2 ground. The residential units sizes are changing from 1+0, 1+1, 2+1 to 3+1 and 4+1, starting from $98.400 USD.

Next Plaza has everything that a residence has but it also has a lot more to offer. Next Plaza draws attention with its refreshing understanding of smart houses called Art&Smart. Each living space in Next Plaza can be changed according to personal needs and wishes.

Art&Smart aims to make use of every single space found in a living space to provide the best living experience for its residents. The units in Next Plaza have moving walls that essentially separate the living room and the bedroom along with the bed that can be hidden in the wall, allowing you to make the space much bigger if need be. Your working space can also be hidden in a wardrobe if you call it a day. You can even make the kitchen appear only when you need to use it.

foretop bakırköy

Foretop Bakırköy
Foretop Bakirkoy is located in Bakırköy district on the European side of the city. Bakırköy is one of the most central districts, known for its square as well as its closeness to the Marmara Sea. Built by the seaside, Foretop Bakirkoy residential units have a clear view of the sea, and they are certain to be the future of smart home systems.

Foretop Bakirkoy is a futuristic project with a smart home system built-in for the residents to control everything easily and not to worry about their home while they are away. The residential units either have the sea view or the garden view for its residents to feel connected with nature.

Built on a 62.373 m2 ground, Foretop Bakirkoy includes 239 residential units on seven blocks. The units in the project start from $350.100 USD, making the perfect option for those who wish to gain Turkish Citizenship through the property purchase. The blocks are designed to be 16 and 17 floors high. All of the residential units are in the sizes of 4+1, 4+2 duplex, 5+1, and 5+2 duplex. 4+1 units are 290 m2, and 5+1 units are 363 m2 in size. The home offices found in Foretop Bakirkoy are in the sizes of 1+1 and 2+1. The residential units are specifically designed to be quiet, with only one shared wall between the different units.

ten levent
Ten Levent
Ten Levent's first-class materials combined with flawless and perfect craftsmanship. Your living room, kitchen, and your bathroom come to life with the most elegant reflections of comfort. In 1 + 1 and 2 + 1 apartments starting from $90.200 USD, products are secured with armatures. Luxury and high-quality materials are used in Ten Levent in every corner from the cloakroom to the doors; it adds value to every moment of your life with the design.

With its fascinating architecture, Ten Levent makes you feel the difference at first sight. The quality and comfort of the building invites you to both live in and have a profitable investment. With its smart home system, Ten Levent makes life more comfortable and offers you a safe experience. Thanks to the smart home system, the lights you forgot when you were out, the iron you forgot in the socket, or the food forgotten in the over is no more a problem for you. You will be informed about the events that may occur in your apartment, taking necessary measures to prevent any situation you do not want to happen.