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While the megacity Istanbul had two previous airports to serve the public, they were not enough to handle the rising population as well as the passengers who stop by the city during their connecting flights. Istanbul Airport, the region’s one of the largest airports is built on a 79.5 km^2 area, and finally began accepting flights in 2019 with more than 250 different airline companies. With a cost of 11 Billion USD, the mega project has boosted the revenue of the country by creating new investment opportunities.

The new airport has advanced features and services that are not available in most of the world's other important airports. To justify its self-appointed title as the world's best and most prestigious airport.


A city inside a city; New Istanbul Airport

The new airport is like an advanced city where Turkish Airlines offers its guests the highest levels of leisure and luxury. Turkish Airlines went above and beyond in the new airport to provide the luxury to its passengers. Plenty of features have been placed for the comfort of travelers. If you do visit the Turkish Air Terminal's lounge, you will be fascinated with the brilliance of its architecture and design. This 5.600 m2 lounge, with the size of an apartment complex, has plenty of options to wait for your flight in comfort. From private suites, showers, theaters, libraries, to the meals served, the CIP lounge offers a glimpse of the Turkish hospitality to the travelers.

Turkish Airlines offer flights to more than 306 points in 124 countries around the world, not to mention the high levels of well-being to its passengers. In its new lounge, Turkish Airlines offers 12 suites with 12 bathrooms to provide the convenience for the passengers who are on transit flights. 


With a cost of 11 Billion USD, the new Istanbul Airport is ready to welcome more than 150 million passengers, and be a bridge to 350 different destinations around the world. The new Istanbul airport has won several international awards even before its opening. The control tower, designed by Pininfarina and Aecom, won the European Center for Architecture and Design award in 2015. In 2016, the Passenger Building was awarded a design award in the category of future projects and infrastructure of the International Architecture Festival.

Modern Designs in the Modern Airport

One of the unique services added by Turkish Airlines to its operation line are special cabins for easer check-ins that are reserved for the business class. Through these cabins, you can prepare your paperwork and check-in with the reception staff for any possible flight changes. The cabins are equipped with seats for all travelers.


The New Coronavirus Normalizations

Back in March 2020, Turkey largely sealed off its borders as part of measures to contain the coronavirus outbreak with the rest of the world. Domestic flights resumed by the first week of June between major cities as the state lightened restrictions after a significant drop in infection rates.

Flights to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Bahrain, Bulgaria, Qatar and Greece have been going on since June 10. Flights to 17 destinations, including Germany, Austria, Croatia, and Singapore have restarted on June 15. Flights to 16 more countries began from June 20th, 22nd, and 25th, including to South Korea, Qatar, the Netherlands, Norway, and Belgium.

The month of July has brought more freedom to the country. The international airline giant Turkish Airlines has started selling tickets for Tehran-Istanbul services on July 16. The two countries continue to work on plans to reopen land borders for travelers, Daily Sabah cited Turkey's foreign minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu as saying after a meeting with the Iranian FM Javad Zarif in June.