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The mall culture has become a big business, as they have become multi-story structures that house a large number of shops selling various products and services. They are a collection of shops and restaurants.

Istanbul is well known for its fabulous shopping experiences! As the home of The Grand Bazaar the world’s largest covered markets in the world, Istanbul does not only maintain the monumental statue of the bazaar but also makes it a palace for shopping.

Istanbul boasts a great number of grand malls across the city where you’ll find everything you may be looking for, from high-end international brands to the very best of Turkish luxury.

Visiting a mall is advantageous because the shops are housed in a complex. groceries, clothes, shoes, reading material, food courts, cinemas, and entertainment are available in one place. That is why you can spend a whole day at the Mall of Istanbul, shop, dine, watch a movie or play games. It is a great meeting place for friends to catch up over coffee or a meal in the food court. Families arrive for their weekly shopping, collecting junk and keep the kids entertained at Mall Of Istanbul.


Mall of Istanbul attracts many people attended and in this way, thousands of people may visit it from other cities or even from other countries. MOI is in the limelight since it is accompanied by an influx of tourists every year.

Mall of Istanbul, which was selected as the best shopping center in the world by ICSC (International Council of Shopping Centers), is one of the largest shopping and amusement centers of Turkey and it houses lots of the most reputed brands for the customers. There are plush restaurants here that serve delectable cuisines for dinners and lunches.

There are 350 stores which are connected by walkways so that consumers can easily walk between the stores., gourmet center, MOIPark, the first specially designed theme park, traditional arts street, the first Flyzone and performance arts center. Mall of Istanbul was opened in 2014 with seven towers which was inspired by its design from the city of Istanbul itself. Mall of Istanbul, whose concept consists of 7 hills and was inspired by Istanbul. The complex consists of 4 residence blocks, an office block, a hotel block, and a shopping mall complex.

Mall of Istanbul, which consists of a shopping mall, residential and office units, is Turkey’s largest mixed-use project. Mall of Istanbul is drawing attention by being an urban transformation project.

Mall of Istanbul has five atria, three large and two small, each with different concepts. With 83 escalators and 42 lifts, the mall provides its visitors with easy navigation and shopping opportunity with its vast aisles.



The mall is built next to Mahmutbey booths on the TEM Highway. It is located on the junction connecting Ataturk Airport to TEM Highway in Basaksehir, one of the developing regions of Istanbul. Located only five kilometers from Ataturk International Airport, the side is also very close to a future metro line, whose project design phase is complete.


Going Through E-5

Pass the Halic Bridge. Continue through TEM Istanbul-Edirne linking road. Go to the Ataturk Boulevard exit. Continue from the right side of the fork junction and come up with the Ataturk Boulevard. Go to the upgrade through the Suleyman Demirel Boulevard. Turn left from the circular road junction.

Going Through TEM

Go to the TEM Istanbul-Edirne road. Go to the Ataturk Boulevard exit. Continue from the right side of the fork junction and come up with the Ataturk Boulevard. Go the upgrade through the Suleyman Demirel Boulevard. Turn left from the circular road junction.


To arrive at Mall of Istanbul from Taksim, go to Kabataş with a funicular railway. Go until the last station of Bagcilar using Kabataş – Bagcilar tramline from Kabataş. Change over to Kirazli – Basaksehir – Olimpiyat metro from the last station. Get off at Ikitelli Sanayi Station.

What are the closest stations to Mall Of Istanbul?

Demirciler Sitesi is 626 meters away, 9 min walk.

Demirciler Sitesi - Başakşehir is 636 meters away, 9 min walk.

Tem Çıkışı (Tem Highway Exit) is 989 meters away, 14 min walk.

Tem Çıkışı - Başakşehir is 1125 meters away, 15 min walk.

Which Metro lines stop near Mall Of Istanbul?

These Metro lines stop near Mall Of Istanbul: M3.

Which Bus lines stop near Mall Of Istanbul?

These Bus lines stop near Mall Of Istanbul: 142E, 146T, 76O, 98H.



This is Turkey’s first and Europe’s largest indoor park.

Giant swings, high-speed shuttles, adrenaline-filled games, fun tunnels, Turkey’s first and only horror-conscious hotel, gift-giving units, and fun-filled moments…

MOIPARK, Europe’s largest indoor entertainment colony, consists of two floors on a 12,000 m2 area. There are many games full of fun, unites, and swings on the below stairs for the kids older than 10 years and on the upstairs for the kids between the 4-10 years old.

MOIPARK, the largest indoor entertainment center in Europe, invites to a world full of fun and thrills. Offering a wide range of entertainment options not only for kids but also for adults, MOIPARK will make you experience the best of giant swings, high-speed shuttles, adrenaline-filled games, the first and only horror-themed hotel in Turkey and more.

There are lots of indoor activities not only for kids but also for adults.

SPINNING COASTER: That’s the craziest roller coaster you’ll ever see. With Crazy Shuttle you will enjoy Moipark’s full potential of entertainment.

DARK RIDE: In the house of Stoneheads, in the depths of the cave we are excited to enjoy hunting with our laser weapons. You could be the hero of the day by hitting targets from best.

JUNGLE LIFT: Have you ever swung in the depths of the forest? Up, down, fast, and calm… An intense adrenaline blast is here to experience, so do not forget to take your place in Jungle Lift. These are just a few examples, there is no limit to excitement and play.



Cinetech Cinemas was founded in 2006 to change the viewers' perspective of cinema audience and to add a new vision to the pleasure of watching movies. The first cinema Antalya Deepo Outlet opens in Center Cinetech, respectively Bursa Korupark AVM, Bursa Zafer Plaza Shopping Mall, Istanbul Torium AVM, Kütahya Greenhouse.

Finally, Istanbul's largest cinema complex was opened in the Mall of Istanbul.

Every detail is taken care of from employee selection to the quality of service to offer world-class movie viewing pleasure to its audience with the highest international standards.

Following all the innovations of the developing cinema architecture in the world, Cinetech's halls equipped with the latest technology. For example, 3D and more 3D projection techniques continue to bring visitors a unique experience.

MOI adds value to all shopping concepts in Europe with Cinetech which is Turkey's largest cinema complex.

Theater in Mall of Istanbul


Mall of Istanbul offers shopping, culture-arts, and entertainment under the same roof. MOI Sahne, where Turkish and world theater works are exhibited and concerts of successful artists meet with art lovers, offers the most popular and international performances to the public directly.

With 16 theaters and 3,050 seating capacity, Turkey’s biggest cinema complex is another special division at Mall of Istanbul. All theaters, which will give service by Torunlar-owned Cinetech brand, are equipped with state-of-the-art digital audiovisual technology systems.



Mall of Istanbul Residences and Office Towers have been designed as a luxury housing and office settlement next to the Mall of Istanbul shopping center.

The type of residences at Mall of Istanbul Residences which consists of 4 residential blocks with a total of 1,081 residential units, varies from studio flats to four-bedroom with a space of 53 – 216 m².

There are 181 offices – tower (34,241 m²) and 24 flat offices (5,091 m²) at Mall of Istanbul Project. The tower offices from 118 to 332 m² and flat offices from 74-1,191 m² offer different alternatives.

The selected building materials at Mall of Istanbul apartments offer the ultimate in comfort and elegance with choices for the most up-to-date details and materials and state-of-the-art technology-based systems that meet the latest international standards of home management, providing maximum comfort and intelligence.

Embrace cultural diversity with neighbors from over 35 different countries awaiting you at Mall Of Istanbul Residence. Investors from 35 different countries have come together to enjoy a life of harmony and high quality at Mall of Istanbul The Residence with 1081 apartments located in 4 separate towers.

Mall of Istanbul Hotel & Suites High Residence


Co-located with a world-famous 5-Star Hotel, MOI High Residence brings in a high-profile view to the colorful world of Mall of Istanbul with its unique location, luxury architecture, and slick details turning every day into artful life of privilege. Istanbul beneath your wings… MOI High Residence is located on the European Side of Istanbul at TEM junction point and at the Northern Marmara Highway connecting Europe and Asia, in Başakşehir, the fastest developing district in the city, right at the main artery connecting Ataturk Airport and TEM. It offers convenient and comfortable transportation options to several different points in Istanbul through İkitelli Metro Line and the Mahmutbey - Mecidiyeköy Metro Line, scheduled to run by the end of 2018.

Combining an elegant life full of breathtaking opportunities with a unique understanding of service, MOI High Residence endows Istanbul with a brand-new vision of luxury. One of the most prestigious residential projects offering services of a 5-star hotel, MOI High Residence is adorned with all the rich details of a privileged life.

Founded upon a 25-story tower, MOI High Residence promises a life with every detail meticulously thought up for you and your loved ones with the apartment options: 1+0, 1+1, 2+1, 3+1 and 4+1, ranging from 58m2 up to 251 m2.

Four adjacent residential towers and a hotel tower stand atop landscaped podiums, which connect to the green roof of the mall proper via a series of pedestrian sky bridges.

Mall of Istanbul offers an oasis for you…

Be ready to set out on a magical journey with relaxing massage and recreational areas in the peaceful spa and indoor swimming pool of 1,600 m2, curative and refreshing body therapies, an indoor swimming pool with a breathtaking beauty and the Far East body treatments and start a day with full of energy at the fitness center.

There are lots of facilities for you such as a fitness center, spa, Turkish bath, hot tub, steam bath, sauna, massage rooms. All of them will be offered by the hotel.

Services Available At Mall Of Istanbul

Mall of Istanbul offers a variety of significant services that are mostly free to ensure the comfort of visitors.
- ATMs.
- Room for nursery and children.
- Deposit boxes.
- Information desk.
- Foreign exchange.
- WiFi.
- First-aid point.
- Spacious family baths.
- Free garage parking.
- Valet parking services.
- A taxi station.
- Transportation services.
- Point of loading and downloading passengers.
- Family situations.
- Bicycle parking.
- Purchase tax recovery point
- External sessions.
- Internal sessions.
- Mosque (prayer room).
- Facilities for people with special needs.
- Modern decor.



Mall of Istanbul attracts attention as the most functional shopping center of Turkey with its concept and the different units it accommodates.

While Mall of Istanbul which was awarded many international prizes even during its development stage was awarded grand prizes in the categories of “The Best Mixed-Use Project” and “The Best Shopping Center Development Project” at European Real Estate Prizes 2011.

It was also awarded “The Projects of the Future High Achievement” prize at The Global RLI Awards 2011 organized by the world’s leading retail and entertainment sector magazine Retail & Leisure within the same year.

Mall of Istanbul was awarded international awards while still in development. Mall of Istanbul was selected as the Karma Best Mixed-Use Project and The Best Shopping Center Development Project 2011 at the 2011 European Property Awards.

Mall of Istanbul won the Üstün Outstanding Success of the Future Projects 2011 award at the 2011 The Global RLI Awards organized by the world's leading retail and entertainment magazine Retail & Leisure.

Mall of Istanbul has been recognized as the Best Shopping Center in the World inside in the ‘Extra Large Shopping Mall’ category by ICSC “International Shopping Centers Council and registered its success in the international arena.