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Commuting is one of the foremost determinants in buying and selling a property. Istanbul's 16 million population requires the most beneficial ways to move in the metropolis. People require living in a residence that has not just one, but multiple ways to travel in a single day. Apartments, Residences, and Villas sold fastest if they are near the road, metro lines, or the seaports. Transportation offers a variety of transportation for traveling between the two sides of Istanbul.

Ferries and Motorboats

The top attraction of Istanbul, ferries, and motorboats are a comfortable and historical travel method for anyone living in or visiting the crowded city. No matter the season, you can always experience the magnificent sunrise on the Bosphorus strait during your daily commute, or travel.

With 43 sea routes, locations such as The Prince Islands is just a single boat ride away from Bostancı, Kadıköy, Beşiktaş, or Eminönü. There are various private villas and other luxurious properties by the Bosphorus strait where you can watch the passing boats from your living room. Properties with a sea view are sold the fastest in Istanbul, and highways are the second most demand reason.

Metro and Railway

Both underground and on-ground railways have continuously enhanced as the city proceeds to restore and urbanize. Each of the continents have their specific metro lines, making it is possible to change continents strictly underground. When you want to continue your day on the ground or the sea, no problem. You can take a marmaray or metro to Üsküdar, and cross the Bosphorus to Beşiktaş through ferries that run every 15 minutes

Nowadays, the latest routes are designed to pass below various new residential projects in Istanbul, such as Dudullu - Bostancı Metro line on the Asian side. This way, you can travel to anywhere in the city without worrying about the traffic jam in the metropolitan Istanbul.

Marmaray is a much larger railway system than the Metro. From the edge of Istanbul, in Gebz district, you can take a Marmaray up to Halkali, the European edges of the city in a single ride. Best part? You will get to enjoy Istanbul's Marmara Sea for most of your trip. Marmaray only submerges underground between Üsküdar and Sirkeci to cross the Bosphorus and travel between the two continents. 

You may get most of your return on your investment if your property is near a Marmaray route. Many of the country-wide railways that pass through Istanbul share their railways and stations with Marmaray. Turkey's high-speed train has stops in districts like Pendik, Bostancı, and Halkalı.

Dolmuş and Minibüs

Related to urbanization, these transportation methods emerged when the city was young, and bus lines were still new in the city. At the time the bus lines mainly operated on highways and high populated areas. The term Dolmuş translates to "It is overflowed". When all the seats are occupied, these Yellow or Blue vans will be sighted mainly running between Beşiktaş, Bostancı, Taksim, and Kadıköy.

Minibüses are larger versions of Dolmuş, that can carry up to 25 people, and can be sighted at almost every main street of Istanbul. They are the same price alternative to busses but can move more swiftly due to their size, and are mostly used to navigate in short distances such as from your neighborhood located away from the downtown Istanbul, to the ferries and metro lines.


Buses are the leading choice of transportation method in Istanbul. It is possible to travel from the edges of Europe to the Asian side in one bus route. 500T bus line has been running more than two decades with this vision. 500T has a route that reaches 74 km, and 67 different stops during its trips. Although the 500T travels on the second bridge only, it is possible to enjoy the Bosphorus strait on multiple bridges during your commute as the busses travel on 3 bridges.