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Muğla is the crown jewel of the Aegean Sea for anyone who is looking for a quiet day in beautiful summer weather, and a party at night. The region benefits from history and sea, which has managed to attract multiple groups of people. Marmaris is a frequent stop for sailing fans for its beautiful and modern ports. One of the World Wonders, the Mausoleum used to stand on the land. Bodrum nowadays is a great escape spot for those who wish to have their villas in a more secluded setting. The province gets local and foreign tourists all year around.


In Bodrum, seasonal rental prices have jumped %35-40 with 100-125 Thousand Liras on average in the last year. Luxury villas in Bodrum are now seeing seasonal prices of 250-300 Thousand Liras for the 2021 season, which have increased the number of daily/weekly and yearly rent opportunities.


In the southern coasts of Turkey, the Mediterranean Region is no different than its neighbour. People's need to be isolated from apartment life is now doubling the value of villa-type residences in Antalya as well. While the largest attraction on the Mediterranean coast saw more weekly and monthly rentals available, their prices fluctuate depending on the room and bed numbers. While the daily price of villas for groups of 5 used to be rented for 300 TL before the quarantine, Antalya villas are now being rented from 500 TL. At its peak season, these daily rental prices seem to hit 2000 TL from 800 TL.