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The world consists of various kinds of countries with varying culture, traditions and religious beliefs. Countries are grouped into continents based on geographical locations but there remains a relationships between countries and humans so much that people of different countries can travel into any countries once such movement is legal and is in terms with law and regulations of the immigration. The most famous and popular legal documents that aids the movement of people from one country to the other are visas and passports. For anyone wishing to visit the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, such must also possess the passport of his or her own country and then apply for entry visa into Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from the embassy or traveling agents and consultants. There are various types of visas offered by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia government and it is based on the purpose of entry. There are visas for people entering Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to observe Hajj and other religious rites, people or family coming to visit their relatives staying in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, others coming for business, events or meetings and many other purposes.

The Saudi Arabia visa fees or cost are generally low until recently that a new policy of increasing revenue from non-oil sources was approved due to the adverse effect of the global oil drop. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a foremost oil producing country and as such, it makes a lot of income from oil sales. With the drop in oil price globally, one of the ways to make up for loss is to increase revenue from other ways like immigration. If you are a Turkish citizen, American, British citizen or anyone from any country willing to travel to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with your family on a visit, then you need to read through this article to understand the cost of Saudi Arabia visiting visa and the full requirements for entry.

The Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed Bin Nayef ordered the increase in visa fees and this is in line with his vision and plan for 2030. The new visa policy offers insurance of the visa document, much more organisation and speedy management of the visa application procedure for every applicant. Individuals most put into consideration the fees highlighted below if they are visiting the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from countries allowed by the Saudi Arabian government.

The family visa cost for entry into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is dependent on some factors such as :

Duration of Visa Validity

This is the time which the visa applicant is allowed to stay in Saudi Arabia as indicated on the visa. There are 6 months, a year or two years visa and no visitor is allowed to stay beyond the approved duration legally in the country.

First entry

This means the visa applicant is just entering the kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the first time.

Recurrent entry

This means that the visa applicant is coming into Saudi Arabia for the second, third or forth time on a  visit.

Visa Fees are as follows :

One Time Entry Family Visit Visa

One time entry visa for family visitors who are just entering the kingdom of Saudi Arabia are to pay a family visa fee of 2000 Saudi Riyals (about $534). This amount covers the cost of visa application procedure but there other charges which will add up to make a total of SR4,000 (about $1067). This fee is only for family members who are willing to pay a visit to someone in Saudi Arabia once. First entry family visa means that no member of the family can re-enter into Saudi Arabia after the expiration of the first entry.  

Multiple Entry Family Visit Visa

This type of visa is for families who are willing to enter the kingdom of Saudi Arabia more than once on a visit. These kind of visa may allow family visitors entry into Saudi Arabia multiple times within 6 months, a year, two years or even five years and each carry different cost or fee. For multiple visa entry for family visit visa, a fee of SR3,000 (about $800) for 6 months, SR5,000 (about $1333) for a year and SR8,000 (about $2133) for two years.

It is important to note that family visit visa for people visiting the kingdom of Saudi Arabia from any Golf Cooperation Council (GCC) member countries is given an opportunity to pay a lower visa fee. Apart from the actual family visa fees, there are other cost that family members visiting Saudi Arabia must be informed about as they prepare for the trip.

At arrival in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, visitors will pay traffic fee of up to SR3,000 (about 800). There will also be a small fee to be paid when leaving the county at the airport and that is SR50 (about $13.3). The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia government also charges cost on entry and departure in and from Saudi Arabia. This fee is based on duration and can be between SR100 to SR600 (about $26.66 to $160).

Haven known the fees associated with obtaining the kingdom of Saudi Arabia family visiting visa, it is of great importance to also know the requirements that every family must meet to be given the visa. These requirements are what the Saudi Arabian immigration officials use as yardstick to offer visa. The requirements are :

    1. A valid international Passport of the country the family is traveling from. Note that the country must be acceptable to enter into the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

    2. Passport photograph showing the picture of the traveling family members. The passport must be recent and show the full face.

    3. Completed application form which can be obtained from the embassy or verified traveling agencies is your home country.