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Real estate prices in Istanbul are rising with the opening of the new Bosphorus tunnel, metro projects, a 3rd bridge, the new Istanbul airport, and new highway projects in recent years. These megaprojects cause the domestic migration to the province, which causes the property owners to raise their prices for profits. Especially the luxurious residences for ultra comfort in the districts such as Sarıyer are attracted by many investors for their potential.

independantvilla Luxury property prices in Sariyer

Wanting a private space, in a secluded setting, yet close to the community is a dream for all. In Sarıyer, you could have all that, and so much more as you wake up to a life of luxury on the European side of Istanbul. With large projects rising every year, housing prices in the region have doubled in USD in the recent years. The average square meter prices of the houses located in the most in-demand areas on the line of Tarabya-İstinye are located between 10 to 15 thousand dollars. The rental income is also a really good income for those investors who are generally dollar-based.

The most luxurious building in the district is a mansion by the Bosphorus coast, selling for 2.405.900 USD. This is an independent villa, secluded from the community, where you can wake up to the clear waves of the Marmara every day. This mansion is built on a 600m2 private space, which comes with its secluded garden, jacuzzi and Sauna separated at 3 different bathrooms, and 7 rooms for all your family and friends. This spacious villa has three different balconies and 2 different multi-purpose rooms for you to enjoy the beauty of Istanbul's Bosphorus. The villa has a 24/7 security system, as well as a doorman for all your needs, so you can spend all your precious time at home with your family in safety.

Real estate prices in Sariyer 

For those who wish to invest in a more community-oriented space, Valley Forest welcomes you all to the residential units surrounded by nature, in the middle of Istanbul. Valley Forest is a project located in Sarıyer, with sizes ranging from 1 to 3 bedrooms with 242 units to choose from. It is rising right beside the TEM highway which allows easy and quick access to almost anywhere in Istanbul. The project is only 1,3 kilometers away from Turk Telekom Stadium, 4 kilometers away from the business center Maslak which is a great opportunity for those who wish to live near the business centers due to their occupation. Valley Forest also in close proximity to public transportations such as the subway and Havaray. Valley Forest gets its name from the forest view that surrounds the project from three sides. The unit prices in this family-friendly natural project starts from 107 thousand USD.

The price of 1 + 1 apartment for sale in Sariyer starts from around 100.000 USD on average. It increases according to whether or not it is included in a


residential site. The 1 + 1 residences located in luxury sites attract students and lecturers of Koç University. These 1 + 1 apartments have a minimum rental price of around 2.400 TL. With this minimum price, it is seen that the houses will be depreciated in 12 years.

The prices of 2 + 1 apartment for sale in a single building start from 150.000 USD. The prices of the apartments are gradually increasing according to the location, the interior is well-maintained and is located within the site. The minimum 2 + 1 apartment rent in the district is between 2750-3500 TL. With this price, the apartments will be depreciated in about 14 years.

Generally, 3 + 1 for sale apartments preferred by families with children starts from around 200.000 USD. It is increasing according to location and in-house features. The minimum rent for these apartments is around TL 3,500. In the direction of the figures, these apartments also amortize themselves in about 14 years.


Sayer's rent fees depend on multiple variables. As well as the building's age, the sea view choice and the location are all dominant in setting the price.

The 1 + 1 apartment in the region are generally located in luxurious sections, sometimes by the shores of Bosphorus, or comfortable residential projects. Rent prices are 2.500 TL minimum.

It is also possible to find 2 + 1 and 3 + 1 rental apartments at more affordable prices in the district. There are 3 + 1 rental apartment options starting from 3000 TL and 2 + 1 units starts from 2.000 TL.