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President of TOKİ Ergün Turan ,said that there is no regression in our target after the coup attempt on 15th of July. “Our target was to produce 60 thousand social housings this year. We will reach to 64 thousand .” says Ergün Turan.


60 thousand new housings for East Turkey:

” We built 150 thousand social housings in East and Southeast intended for the lower income group. In the following 3 years we are aiming to construct 60 thousand more. There will be some works like land developments , stakeholdings for the industrial buildings and giving free lands for the investments in this both regions as Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım declared. As an administration we are ready to incumbent everything in the best way. A lot of cities ,towns had suffered because of the terrorism. Right now, we are urgently planning to construct housings in Diyarbakır, Şırnak and Mardin to fulfill the housing needs in the region. We will deliver at the end of the year a part of the housings to fulfill the requirements of our citizens who live in this cities. Right now, there are close to 4 thousand housings constructed in Diyarbakır. We are adding each month 500 housings more.”


Securing the conservation areas:

Our priority is to secure the conservation areas, the history and local areas while constructing in East and Southeast. As TOKİ ,we are taking care of this things while constructing in this cities.