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Turkish cuisine consists of a wide range of desserts. These desserts are served with meat and
other cultural and traditional Turkish foods. These Turkish desserts from rice pudding to fried
dough attract new visitors through a variety of flavors. If you are also moving to Turkey, then
better you try their famous desserts. Here we present the list of Turkish sweets, including top 20
Most Delicious Turkish Desserts as a buying guide.

1 Delicious Turkish Pistachios Baklava

Baklava is the most famous and desired Turkish dessert stuffed with pistachios nuts.
However, it is not only stuffed with pistachios; instead, you can find a variety of flavors in it.
Enjoying one bite of this delicious dessert will increase your craving for more. Now, it's up to
you that which flavor are you going to try and how hungry you are? Trying this one time will
bring you in love with it.

2 Most Delicious Turkish Dessert Lokma

In the Turkish language, Lokma means ‘bite.’ It’s cooked with one deep-fried bite dough
and flavored with sweet syrup, cinnamon, honey, and sugar syrup. At some of the places, you
will find it decorated with dry fruits, such as ground pistachios. This dessert is also used
traditionally for charity when you have a wish, or you lost someone. Its crunchy surface covered
with flavored syrup gives pleasure when eating it. If you find someone distributing this delicious
Turkish sweet anywhere in Turkey, do not miss it.

3 Turkish Sweet: Revani

Are you a Turkish Cuisine lover? Have you ever tried Iskander kebab, doner kebab, or
Adana kebab? Did you enjoy having most delicious Turkish desserts, such as Revani after your
delicious meal? If not, then try it now. It is the delightful sweet cake made with semolina flour
and soaked in sugar syrup. The sellers serve this dessert with chopped pistachios and other dry
fruits. This adds a delicious texture to the sweet and gives a luxurious finish. This time, must try
it and have fun.

4 Turkish Dessert Sambali

Sambali is another popular Turkish dessert-like Lokma. It is also sold by street
confectioners. This delicious Turkish dessert originates from Syria and is known as Damascus in
Turkey. At some places, you will find people serving Samabli with clotted cream and peanut
coverage. Its cake texture is very similar to Revani, but the use of molasses and yogurt make it
different and delicious. It is also served as a sandwich, which is a real energy boom. If you are
tired of walking and roaming, you must try Sambali. It will surely refuel your energy and will
give you a mouth filled pleasure.

5 Turkish Noahs Pudding or Aşure

The one who got the resident permits will surely give a big party to friends. In your
menu, don't forget to add Asure. It’s very delicious pudding covered with dry fruits, pistachio
hazelnuts, and flavored syrups. Also, this dish is of great significance for the Muslims. This is
because Prophet Noah survived by making this pudding with the available ingredients. This is
one of the most desired Turkish desserts and sweets. Also, the Muslims cook this dish in the first
Islamic month ‘Muharrem.' The Muslims fast for the early ten days of this month and then
distribute Asure on 10 th of Moharram, the Day of Ashura. Enjoy having this traditional dish in
your menu and have fun.

6 Cevizli Sucuk

Did your travel guide tell you about the Most Delicious Turkish Desserts? Have you heard about
Cevizli Sucuk and Pestil? Cevizli Sucuk is a delicious and unique dessert. It is fun to make it and
to have it. This traditional Turkish dessert is laced with walnuts and dried fruits. The dessert is
dipped in thick grape juice or sugar syrup to enhance its flavor. The best thing about this dessert
is that it is made in strings form. These strings are then left to dry in the sunny area. The people
make this dessert in different shapes. It often cooked in shapes like candles or a sausage.

7 Turkish Dessert Ekmek Kadayıfı

Have you ever tried Ekmek Kadayifi in Turkish cuisine? If not, then you must try this
delicious dessert. It’s a Turkish bread pudding dessert served with clotted cream. Typically, this

dessert is not much sweet, but the addition of Kaymak add a sweetened flavor in the dessert. This
dessert is especially served in dinner. It provides a sweet and thick finish after a traditional meal.
Admittedly, trying this will increase your craving for the next time. Enjoy this delicious dessert
with your new Turkish cuisine and have fun.

8 Maras Turkish Ice Cream

Maras ice cream is one of the most desired traditional Turkish ice creams. This dessert
has been served in Turkey since the 16 th century. It is made in a hard but elastic form, which is
denser than gelato. This Turkish dessert is made from sugar, goat milk, and tubers powder of
wild orchids. Also, you can have different flavors of this dessert, such as pistachio, peach, red
currant, vanilla, etc. You can find the Maras ice-cream sellers anywhere in Turkey, even in the
famous streets near the Istanbul metro. Some sellers also play tricks and play games when
serving ice cream to their clients. Enjoy the fake deliveries, surprise bells, and amazing other
games with delicious Maras ice cream.

9 Traditional Sekerpare

The meaning of this traditional dessert ‘Sekerpare' is ‘a piece of sweetness.' The cook
makes these sticky, sweet, delicious, and tender cookies with powdered sugar and semolina
flour. The sellers serve this dessert dipped with lemony syrup. Most of the people love the sweet
texture of the syrup. The more it soaks up the syrup, a better it tastes. You can use a fork to cut
and eat it and can enjoy it with your Turkish teas or Turkish coffee. You can find this dessert in
almost every household and is sold in nearly every Turkish restaurant and shop.

10 Turkish Delight: Lokum

Lokum was introduced by Ali Ali Muhittin Hacı Bekir’s lokums in the shops of Istanbul,
in 1776. The dish originated from the Ottoman Empire, was launched in Turkey, and then

explorers took this to England and Hong Kong. It is famous due to its colors and delicious
flavors. The red lokum gives rosewater, yellow Lokum gives lemon peel, and green lokum gives
bitter orange flavour. The sellers serve this delight coated with rose, hazelnut, pistachios, walnut,
almond, cream, cinnamon, coconut and almond, and mint. At some places, you can also enjoy it
with different fruit flavors like lemon, apricot, orange, strawberry, and sour cherry.

11 Delicious Helva

Halve is the most common Turkish dish and comes in the category of most delicious
Turkish desserts. It means ‘Sweet.' If you have a property in Turkey and still you have not tried
Halva, you have not done anything in Turkey yet. You can enjoy several types of Halva,
including sugar, butter, and nut-based version. No matter what type, but you will find its
sweetness and nutty texture delicious after enjoying your Turkish meal. Most of the people like
to have it after a fish plate or fish sandwich. If you are in Istanbul, don’t forget to have Halva
from Hafiz Mustafa best Turkish delight shop.

12 Turkish Milk Pudding: Keskul

Do you have a Turkish property? Did you ever enjoy Keskul there? It's a simple and most
common delicious pudding cooked with rice flour, sugar, milk, coconut, and crushed almonds.
Most of the sellers serve this delightful dessert with pistachios sprinkled and almond flakes on its
top. It is usually offered after the meal. You can find it anywhere in Turkey, including Sisli
Istanbul, Beyoglu Istanbul, Ataturk Airport, other places. Enjoy this delicious Turkish dessert by
chilling it in the refrigerator. This will not only give you pleasure but also will work as an energy

13 Tavuk Göğsü

It is an original piece of dessert in Turkish cuisine. It is made with chicken breasts. You
might wonder how a chicken breast can be converted into dessert. The boneless chicken breast is
converted into a pudding by cooking it with other ingredients. Though it cooks with chicken, it
doesn't taste like chicken at all. It seems like rice pudding with a creamy and smooth texture. It’s
thick enough that you can enjoy its every chewy bite. The chicken is added in this dessert to give
it a thick and elastic texture. The dessert is considered as signature delicacies because once the
cook served it to the Sultans living at Topkapi Palace.

14 Turkish Semolina Dessert: Irmik Halvasi

This Turkish dessert is very famous and is available in various types, such as ice cream
stuffed. It has great religious significance. It is generally prepared after the funeral or for
religious feasts. It is also distributed to the neighbors and relatives at special religious events. If
you are going to buy property in Turkey, surely you will receive this delicious dessert at your

15 Classic Turkish Dessert: Ayva Tatlisi

Have you visited spice bazaar Istanbul or city center area in Istanbul? You will surely get
a delicious dessert cooked with quince. This sour, grainy, and harsh fruit gives a classic Turkish
taste. You can enjoy this dessert with other Turkish cuisines, such as balik ekmek. It is so sweet
and tender and is almost similar to the candied fruit. It comes in the list of most entertaining
Turkish dishes and is served in nearly every Turkish restaurant. The best thing about this dessert
is that it can easy to prepare. Chill it and surprise your family and friends with this classic and
beautiful Turkish dessert.

16 Old Delicious Dessert Kabak Tatlisi

Are you tired of casual desserts and want something new? Kabak Tatlisi is an old
pumpkin dessert which will take you way beyond pumpkin pie. It flavors like a candied dessert
and very simple to prepare. If your family loves pumpkin, you must try it with them. This will

give you pleasure. Also, if you are a diet conscious, then here is a dessert for you without extra
calories. Especially in the season of pumpkin, you don't need to worry for extra pumpkin. Use
them in the right way and cook Kabak Tatlisi during the holidays instead of pumpkin pie. You
will love it and will desire more.

17 Turkish Over Backed Rice Pudding or Fırın Sütlaç

Rice pudding is famous all over the world, and its preparation methods are different in
every country. In Turkey, the sellers cook rice pudding with rice flour, sugar, rice, milk, and
water. Do you have an issue of a sweet tooth and cannot enjoy most delicious Turkish desserts?
You don’t need to worry add a little sugar in rice pudding and have it. Also, if you are a vanilla
lover, you can ask the seller to add vanilla flavor. In some restaurants, rice pudding is served
with coconut or pistachios coating. Grinned hazelnuts and cinnamon are also used as two
primary dressings for this dessert. It is initially cooked as rice pudding and then browned in a
salamander boiler which turns it into firin sutlac or over baked rice pudding.

18 Turkish Sweet and Savory Kunefe

Did you get your airport transfer? Are you hungry? It is the right time to try the sweet and
savory Levantine cheese pastry, ‘Kunefe.’ You can easily find it in any Turkish street and can
enjoy the fragrance of it when sellers fry it. This delicious dessert is made from an unsalted,
stretchy, and melting cheeses called Hatay. This type of cheese is closest to mozzarella. Once the
seller cooked the dessert, it is soaked in sugar syrup to add a sweetened texture to it. The crunchy
exterior with a soft and melty interior will give you pleasure and fun.

19 Kerhane Tatlisi or Brothel Dessert

If you are in Turkey and you have not tried the street desserts, you have missed
something here. Halka Tatlisi is one of the most desired street dessert covered with sweet

sherbet. As it is Brothel dessert, it is served in brothels. The best thing about this dessert is that it
is handy, and you don’t need any fork or spoon for it.