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Even though being a historical city, Istanbul has a wide variety of shopping malls to meet what the modern world citizens need. Many locals of the city prefer visiting the malls during the weekends and holidays with their friends and family, not only to go on a spree but also to entertain themselves. Changing the understanding of the entertainment industry, shopping malls also shifted the culture to a different direction. We have prepared a list of the most popular shopping malls in Istanbul, , the city that now has a shopping mall almost in every district, as a guide for you to follow when in need.



Akmerkez is one of the first shopping malls that come to mind. Being located in Etiler, Akmerkez became a frequently visited location for Istanbul’s high society. It provides a rich experience for its customers with 250 stores in a four-story building. Akmerkez opened its doors in 1993 yet it quickly proved itself as being the best shopping center in Europe in 1995 according to the ICSC.



Istinye Park created a new concept of shopping by combining indoor and outdoor areas together in one place, offering a different experience to its customers. Named after the area it is located in, Istinye Park is situated in one of the elite districts of Istanbul, Sarıyer. Istinye Park manages to differentiate itself from others by being an eco-friendly project in addition to all the details designed to make their visitors as comfortable as possible.



Kanyon is a shopping mall located in Levent, one of the business centers in Istanbul. Kanyon has 160 stores that range from top-notch brands to gourmet restaurants. Kanyon draws attention to its architecture and received Cityscape Architectural Review Award in 2006.



City’s is a fairly unique shopping mall both with its concept as a lifestyle center and its architecture that mimics the historical legacy of Istanbul. Situated in Nisantasi, a high-end area near Taksim, City’s offers a destination where you can be up to date with the latest fashion trends and have a good time with its various entertainment centers.



Forum Istanbul is one of the biggest shopping malls in Istanbul. The shopping mall is located in Bayrampasa, sharing its grounds with another big corporation, Ikea. Many prefer to visit Forum Istanbul due to the variety of stores found in the mall as well as the big aquarium and ice museum, offering many different options for you and your family’s entertainment.



Lo and behold! Galleria is the very first shopping mall built in Istanbul. Even though it is the oldest mall, it is still functioning in Ataköy, continuing to be competent with its high end stores, mostly appealing to the high society of Istanbul. It was chosen as the world’s most outstanding mall by ICSC in 1990.



Metrocity is one of the luxurious shopping malls located in Levent. It includes 140 both national and international stores in a four-story building.



Zorlu Center must be one of the most popular shopping malls in Istanbul. What makes Zorlu Center special as a complex is that it is not only a shopping mall but it contains also the largest performing arts center in the metropolitan city. The complex also includes a five-star hotel, residences and offices.



Aqua Florya, located in the district of Florya, is one of the recent shopping malls that was built in Istanbul. The mall has a completely different concept that combines shopping experience with entertainment. In addition to the traditional hubs of fun, Aqua Florya is also home to a huge aquarium where one can get to know the life under the sea and even come into close contact with the creatures of nature. In Aqua Florya, you can eat your food while watching the beautiful view of the sea.



Mall of Istanbul is located in Basaksehir and was chosen as the best shopping mall in the world by the ICSC. The mall offers more than a mere shopping experience with its theatre where both national and international plays are staged as well as concerts of important musicians are performed. The complex includes 4 residence blocks, 1 office block and 1 hotel block in addition to the shopping mall, creating a mixed concept.



Located in Acıbadem, Akasya shopping mall draws attention to its architectural design that was inspired by the famous outdoors shopping area Bagdat Street in Istanbul. The mall receives sunlight and offers a spacious interior shopping experience. Akasya is also famous for its cinema halls designed with the latest technology and has many international stores that can only be found in here.



Cevahir was opened in 2005 in Mecidiyekoy and it has since been a common meeting place for many locals due to its central location, allowing easy access from anywhere in the city. This six-story building is home to 230 stores to offer the most fulfilling experience to its visitors.



Akbatı is located in Bahcesehir with almost 200 stores and 9 cinema halls along with many restaurants where you can taste the world cuisine. The interior of the mall is designed as an element of entertainment with colorful lights, decorative ponds, bridges and fountains.



Marmara Forum is located in Bakırkoy, one of the most central locations in Istanbul. The shopping mall includes 300 both national and international brands in its complex along with 13.000 m2 entertainment center for its visitors to have the best time possible. Marmara Forum also has 16 cinema halls, becoming the shopping center with the most cinema halls in the entire country. The restaurants in the mall itself also offer a wide range of options by housing 60 different brands.



Located in Bakırkoy, Capacity has over 200 stores and 9 cinema halls. Due to its central location and ease of access, Capacity has been a frequently visited mall in Istanbul as well as a popular meeting place since the day it was built in 2007.



Atakoy Plus is situated in Atakoy, one of the luxurious and quiet districts in Istanbul. Parallel to the district itself, the shopping mall appeals to the elite of Istanbul with its 140 stores of a specific selection of brands. In addition to the shops, the mall also has a sports club for its visitors to join.



Torium is a shopping mall located in Beylikduzu, one of the fast developing areas in Istanbul. Torium includes 180 stores for a wide variety of options for its customers. However, Torium differentiates itself from other shopping malls by focusing on the entertainment industry. The mall has the first snow theme park in Turkey, Snowpark. In this indoor winter blast, you can enjoy the snow even in the hot summer days. Torium is also known for its activities, concerts, theatres and art exhibitions.



Pelican Mall is a relatively small shopping center located in Avcılar. For those who are fed up with crowded malls, Pelican Mall may be a good option to visit. With its 100 stores, Pelican Mall offers a carefully selected variety of brands in a four-story building. Ice skating, on the other hand, one of the unique experiences you can have in this particular shopping mall.

19. AXIS


Axis is a shopping mall in Kagıthane with around 100 stores that are both national and international. Axis is also known for its comfortable cinema halls offering a great experience. There are many other activities designed for both adults and children all year round in this mall which may be worth checking out.



Viaport Outlet is located in Pendik, a district found on the Asian side of Istanbul. The shopping mall has 250 outlet stores along with entertainment centers and a cinema. What makes this mall stand out is that it was designed with a shopping street concept. The restaurants of this shopping mall are located right beside the lake, allowing the visitors to feel one with nature away from the central city. In fact, it creates an environment where you can see rabbits, cats and dogs roaming around to make you feel right at home.



Isfanbul is known to be the first shopping mall to combine a theme park, a shopping mall and a performance center together in one place not only in Turkey but also in the world. Isfanbul is located in Eyup, one of the historical districts in Istanbul. The mall has indoor and outdoor shopping areas with more than 200 stores as well as a tram line going through the mall itself. The theme park of Isfanbul has the fourth fastest rollercoaster in the world for adrenalin enthusiasts to enjoy.



Watergarden Istanbul is in Atasehir, Istanbul. The mall has a different approach to the entertainment industry and the concept of a shopping center. While you can enjoy shopping during the day, you can enjoy concerts, theatre plays, movies and shows in Watergarden Istanbul. It is a place where anyone from any age can find something to enjoy and have a great time.



Historia is located in Fatih, a historic district in Istanbul. The architecture of the mall attracts attention with its glass ceilings that allow the sunlight to shine through to give the most lively and spacious shopping experience to its visitors. You can find a variety of stores and restaurants that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.



Capitol is located on the Asian side of Istanbul, in the district Altunizade. Operating for 25 years, Capitol offers the latest trends and technology to its visitors despite its age. Spectrum Cineplex offers the best possible cinema experience even in the lounge area with its sea view. You can also eat at The Loft, on the terrace of the mall while watching the entire city. Capitol also offers a specially designed playground for kids, Captune World to make them feel closer to nature while having amazing time.



Palladium is located in Atasehir, on the Asian side of Istanbul. Palladium has 190 stores offering a wide selection of brands for its customers. Known for its cinemas with the latest technology provides the viewers with the best possible experience.



Emaar Square is one of the new shopping centers in Istanbul, being built in 2017. Situated in Uskudar, a historic district on the Asian side of Istanbul, the mall is known for being home to luxurious brands where you can find many international brands for the first time in Turkey. Emaar Square offers a shopping experience both indoors and outdoors. It also includes an aquarium and an underwater zoo for its visitors.



Located in Kucukyali, Hilltown provides a completely different experience to its customers with the view of the Princes’ Islands. The visitors can enjoy the view while having their meals or they can go on a shopping spree both indoors and outdoors with a range of 192 stores. The mall’s closeness to the Bosphorus Bridge and Sabiha Gokcen Airport, Hilltown shopping center becomes a frequently visited place for the people of Istanbul.



Vadistanbul was opened in 2017 in Sarıyer. Vadistanbul includes over 270 stores along with cinema halls and entertainment centers. Vadistanbul has a 760 meters long shopping street for an outdoors experience as well as glass ceilings to let the sunshine in for a spacious feeling.



Marmara Park is a shopping center in Beylikduzu. It has 250 stores in a three-story building. While having a wide range of stores, Marmara Park also attracts attention due to its closeness to Bauhaus, a construction market, offering a different shopping experience for yourself and your home.



Sapphire shopping mall is located in Kagıthane. The mall is unique due to its 236 meters high, Turkey’s highest observation terrace for its visitors to watch the breathtaking view of this historical and metropolitan city. Different from its likes, Sapphire also has Turley’s first wax figure museum for an extraordinary experience in addition to many other entertainment areas.