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image3 Turkish people love their food. Breakfast, or as they call it “Kahvaltı” is the most important meal of the day for them. Turkey has the fertile soil and climate necessary for fresh fruits and vegetables served from the garden to the table. This make their meals healthy and delicious. Meal times are almost like a feast table in Turkey. People eat, talk, socialize and have fun at every meal time. It's a time to sit back and relax, enjoy the good food and good company.

When it comes to breakfast, everything become a little bit important and more delicious. In Turkish “Kahvaltı” means before coffee. That’s how important it is to Turkish people because they give a special importance to their coffee too. This first meal of the day is necessary to intake the nutrients and vitamins to set you up for the day ahead. Turkish people know this and they prepare their tables with the most delicious and satisfying food.

What to Expect of a Turkish Breakfastimage2 

It’s like a open buffet style meal, like you encounter in hotels. Presentation is very important at a Turkish breakfast. Everything looks appetizing and makes you want more. There are a lots of meze type foods served at Kahvaltı. You might here some places call it Van Kahvaltı. It’s a more generous table with lots of delicious and fresh foods. Basic elements include bread, butter, types of jams and preserves, honey, tomatoes, cucumbers, types of cheeses, olives and of course Turkish tea. You can have eggs or omelets at some places. Some places serves a type of egg meal called Menemen. This scrambled eggs is a delicious treat. Also kind of a flat bread gözleme is a must to try. 

Top 7 Famous Places in İstanbul for Breakfast

  1. Namlı Gurme – Karaköy

Namlı Gurme is the first place when it comes to Turkish breakfast. Great presentation and delicious food come together here and make your mornings a celebration for food. Located in Karaköy, this place is always full in the mornings so you may have to get there a little early. 

  1. Emek Kafe – Yeniköy

Famous for its menemen, this place also have a great view. Serves for many years with experience, you’ll find very affordable prices. 

  1. Café Nar – Rumeli Hisarı

With great views of the Marmara Sea, you can enjoy your mornings with a great service, and a tasty cup of coffee. Best place for a breakfast around Roumeli Castle. 


  1. Kirpi Café – Koşuyolu

Located in Koşuyolu, it’s the oldest breakfast place in Koşuyolu and they serve a variety of choices. Recent improvement in service quality made the café one of the best places for breakfast in Anatolian side. 

5.Çeşme Bazlama Kahvaltı – Nişantaşı

Çeşme Bazlama serves one of the best examples of Aegean breakfast in Nişantaşı. If you are visitin around Nişantaşı, you should definitely visit the place for an unforgettable breakfast experience. 

  1. Kaymakçı Pando – Beşiktaş

With its natural and organic produce Kaymakçı Pando is one of the best choices when it comes to breakfast in Beşiktaş. 

  1. Sütiş – Emirgan 

For a rich and elegant breakfast, you should definitely visit Emirgan Sütiş. You can have your breakfast with gorgeous coastal view and enjoy your time with fresh Turkish tea.