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Turkish coffee is a loved drink by the locals. Most Turks drink one cup of Turkish coffee per day. There is a proper way of preparing the Turkish coffee as the Turks pay attention to how the coffee looks which indicates the mastery level of the person who made it. If the coffee is frothy, then it is a good sign and the coffee maker is praised for it. Turkish coffee is similar to espresso as it is strong and it is also offered in small cups. Therefore, if you enjoy soft drinks like a latte, Turkish coffee may not be the best choice for you.

Turkish coffee is also served with a glass of water. Back in the Ottoman era, it was a way of understanding if the guest was hungry or not. If the guest drinks the water first, it was understood that they were hungry and food would be prepared immediately. If the guest drinks the coffee first, then it means the guest has only come to chat and is not hungry. Yet, the Turks usually do not act according to this understanding anymore. It is only practiced because it has become a tradition.


Cultural Significance
Turkish coffee is as important as the tea to the Turks. They usually drink Turkish coffee in the mornings or afternoon. It is a must offer for visitors along with tea, you can drink whichever you prefer.

Turkish Coffee has a long tradition of affecting the culture. Once it is drunk, people reverse the small cup on its little plate and wait out for the ground to move down. After the coffee ground cools down, the cup gets turned over once more. This act reveals shapes out of coffee that are seen as fortunes. Turks have mastered reading fortune off of these shapes. Neighbours visit one another to read the past, present, and future of one another based on how they drank the coffee.

Turkish coffee holds a special place in the wedding cultures of Turkey. There are regions where the considered groom's family will judge the girl using several factors. One such factor is her ability to make a good coffee. The presentation of coffee is very symbolic.

After the proper introduction, the bride parents will put her to the test of making a Turkish coffee for the visitors. The making of the coffee is to determine if she is going to be a good wife. A typical Turkish coffee has bubbles in it, and the girl would be asked to add some pints of salts
into it. The countenance of the groom-to-be while sipping the coffee is very important. The bride's parent will test the facial expression of the groom-to-be to determine his ability to endure difficulties in the future.