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Perhaps one of the most difficult aspects of moving to another foreign country is learning the habits of that country. There will always be cultural differences and be prepared for these differences. You may encounter behaviors that are far from the habits of your country or you may be frustrated by these habits. In accepting this new country, you may be wondering how you can manage the habits of this new place, which is not at all like your home. We have prepared this article for those who want to move to Turkey.


Driving in Turkey's largest city and center locations may look like finding your way in a forest. You may encounter lots of reckless drivers and some careless pedestrians even. Turkey's big cities are in a sense that no one really cares for any rules. Be ready for unexpected lane changing and be careful around large vehicles like trucks and busses.

Always wear seatbelts, use your horn and lights if its necessary. Don't lose your attention in any case, always pay attention to horns, unexpected passing or cutting.

Five Minute Means an Hour

Being on time is not a thing in Turkey. When meeting friends to calling up services, expect people to be late. If you plan something for a specific time, expect people that come at least an hour late. You might get frustrated at times so, try to relax and wait. 


Bureaucracy is a thing in Turkey. Whether you apply for a work permit, importing a car or residency, you need to be prepared for long hours of waiting in government buildings. You might need to spent days just for a permit or you might end up traipsing around department to department. 

Try and find a local who knows how to deal with the system and willing to help you. You might need to pay a small fee but you can get things done very easily with a helping hand. 

Overly Friendly People

You might find Turkish people warm and welcoming and quick to kindness, but for a foreigner this amount of friendliness can be seen as invasive. You might find yourself invited to a party, or a family dinner by the person you chat a little when you’re just shopping. If you are not comfortable, you don’t have to say yes to situations like this just to be polite. Just state that your busy or not interested. 

image8 Everyone is a tradesperson

Looking for an plumber? No worries! Just tell someone and they’ll likely tell you that they are a plumber. Maybe they have more than one profession, who knows! Don’t fall for that and find a reliable tradesperson, but in general, if you see a construction work, there is a good chance to find a group of people watching from the sides and giving their opinion. 

Turkish Soap Operasimage2 

Turkish people love their soap operas. They might seem bizarre to you at first with its dramatic scenes, oever-theatrical performances and lots of crying. Give them a go and look at soap operas as way of learning about Turks, their culture and their history. 


Turkish people are likely to share their personal information, even with someone they don’t know that well. This might seem a little dangerous for a foreigner. Expect to be asked about your personal life, your age and marital status, etc. You can use this as an opportunity to learn more about your Turkish friends. 

Health and Safety

Turkish people aren’t that careful about their health and safety. You might come across a person cleaning windows hanging out. Expect to see more like these situations. Be careful around building sites. Be mindful around working sites around public places, because there is always a lack of caution signs. Well, at least there is Universal Health Care.