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image1 With its stunning nature and charming places, Turkey is one of the best countries for a vacation abroad. Turkey wonders of nature mud baths believed to act as an anti-aging treatment and help to stay healthy. This tradition and usage of mud baths as a beauty treatment is timeless and its history dates back thousands of years. The world’s most famous mud baths and springs are in Turkey and every year millions of tourists visit the country just to get treatment of mud baths and springs in hopes of health and beauty.  

Where to find the best Mud Baths in Turkey?

Dalyan Mud Baths

When it comes to spa and wellness tourism, Turkey has various options to choose from. Dalyan is one of the best options so far for a spa day, and it is also aimage3 popular holiday destination in Turkey. Located in Muğla, Dalyan is an area preferred by expats with its affordable properties.

What makes Dalyan so attractive is that it is close to holiday destinations such as Fethiye and Marmaris. You can visit the mud baths in Köyceğiz Lake on a daily journey. This place is the most popular place for a joyful day to spend in mud baths. 

In Dalyan, as you will have the chance to visit the Lycian rock tombs, you will find the chance the experience Turkey's most beautiful beach of İztuzu here. Boat tours and extreme sports are also available here.

Afyon Mud Baths

image2 Although Dalyan is quite popular among foreign tourists, Afyon is not a well-known region in the case of mud baths. Turkish people know this region, especially Sandıklı area, as a spa and wellness center and visit Afyon for it’s springs and mud baths. The concept of the application technique of he mud is very different than Dalyan. Wellness professionals apply the mud manually while people ly on plastic sheets. This application is for a cleaner result. Turkish people visit Afyon for purely health benefits, not just for a relaxing spa day or a holiday for the whole family. 

Thermal Springs in Turkey

Afyon is a great place for hot spring waters besides its mud baths. You can also find mud baths around Pamukkale in Aegean Region. This tiny mud bath is free to use and also there are calcium pools in Pamukkale for you to enjoy. There a lot of thermal springs around the region also. These waters have high concentration of Sulphur, which is also the main ingredient of mud treatments.

Yalova is very close to İstanbul and also has a name for its thermal springs. You can find many resorts around the region to have a enjoyable holiday or jus a small trip to have a relaxing day.