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According to the latest report of TSKB Real Estate, the real estate prices in Üsküdar increased by 33%, the percantage of other districts are as follows; Bakırköy 32%, Ataşehir and Zeytinburnu districts 25%.

Üsküdar hosts the Maiden’s Tower

Üsküdar locates in Anatolian side of Istanbul and a natural bridgehead in Bosphorus. Lots of mansions and private residences rides along the coastel strip of Usküdar. After initiation of Marmaray, Usküdar located at the center of Istanbul’s transportation network. This feature, helps Uskudar to become one of the most attractive districts of Istanbul. Besides, Uskudar has lots of historical places like magnificent mosques and surely the Maiden’s Tower.

Square meter price in Usküdar reached 10.000 TL

The reports states that ten thousand TL is needed to buy a square meter from Usküdar. Makbule Yönel MAYA, the CEO of TSKB Real Estate, remarked that mega projects and mobilization of the housing stock are two main factors that determines housing prices. Especially, government’s investments on mega Projects like Marmaray, big hospitals, court houses etc. helps this augmentation in prices.


Ataşehir rised with the Istanbul International Finance Center

According to MAYA, the reason of the rise at housing prices in Ataşehir is Istanbul International Finance Center. IIFC will create new job opportunities, and diversify business alternatives.

Housing projects in coastel strip in Zaytinburnu boomed prices

In recent year, lots of modern and lux housing projects have located in Zaytinburnu. Consequently, the price per m2 in Zeytinburnu reaches from 4-12 thousand TL to 5-14 thousand TL.