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Population of istanbul is increasing with each passing day. With Urban conversion, population that can be placed in a more planned in cities. Urban renewal, Turkey cities to be implemented in the state. Urban transformation in the framework of implementation of the state; 5 different financial support is provided to citizens. One of the supports provided very closely concerns the tenants. Because this support is provided to tenants contributed 40 thousand Turkish Lira. The state, offers attractive support and assistance to tenants who reside in high-risk structure and with this structure’s owners. Sitting on the status of tenants in the building have been carried out at least 1 year of discharge been identified as at risk, if the necessary paperwork to apply to contracted banks can easily benefit from the support provided to the property owner interest.


Relocation Assistance for Tenant: 1.300 TL

The tenants in the building at risk, including once by the ministry, under the support of transport, made a changing aid between 800 TL 1,300 TL.

100 m2 to 600 per credit risk identified


Between the financial support, which concerns the condition of the structure, but also has the credit option for citizens who do not have the financial means to make the detection risk. In this case, if going to apply to the Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanism, which they are affiliated, the ministry made them pay 600 TL for every 100 m2 apartment from private accounts.