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What factors Influence a real estate’s price?

Every home owners or real estate agents intends to sell their property at top dollar. And almost everyone overestimate the price of their properties. Establishing the value of a real estate price is complex, but understanding the factors that influence a real estate price most, is a must.

To get maximum gain from a real estate investment, first thing you have to consider is location. It is a well known reality that every house depretiates whether it is used or not, but the land of the house can increase in value. The value of the land and a house can be effected by its location and average house prices nearby. People prefer their houses very near to their jobs, community centers, school districts, hospitals etc. And finding a house in a good location, is a kind of guarantee that you will gain more profits from your real estate investment.


The style and size of the real estate is another factor that effects the value. The number of bedrooms is important but the width of bedrooms are more valuable. If the places have the same square footages, people tend to choose 2 bedrooms rather than 3 bedrooms. Additionally, especially the kitchen is important for people who have bigger families. The concept of rooms, kitchen, bathrooms are also key elements. Balcony is value adder for families.

The age of the real estate and the conditions of the house is vital too. In general, the older houses are the less valuable, unless they are historic.

Almost, every buyers of the real estates need credit to buy the house. If the condition of the economy, and the levels of the interest rates are not suitable, there is nothing you can do even you have the best real estate and the best price.