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What is the Construction Permits, Why is it necessary?

The construction of any structure requires legally from some permissions. Construction permits is the most important document that should be taken in this direction. Building permit is allowed to begin construction of a building within the designated project described in the document. In Turkey zoning Law of 3194 building permits issued in accordance with provisions, in addition to being a building permit, includes legally binding provisions, and liabilities. In this sense, it refers to the receipt of construction permits required to begin construction. So, what is the structure of license obligations in this regard? Why is it necessary? This article provides some information about construction permits. In Turkey Real estate agents provide information about construction permits.


Construction Permit Application

Construction permit, a license on the conformity of the construction of an immovable, the license document should be taken to start construction in other words. In this respect, construction could begin construction permits approved, it carries a mandatory document quality for all buildings to be constructed. The approval of building permits, all kinds of construction on the project will be held on the land, the ownership structure and information taken into consideration.


Construction Permit Validity Periods

Deemed appropriate structures allocated license is valid for 5 years as of the date of commencement of construction. In addition, from the date of issue of construction permits has started construction within 2 years and now includes a license validation to be completed within 5 years. The structure modification on the other hand is another condition that requires the renewal of the license.