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A lot of people dream is to have a home. Buying a home or intend to buy, it is often laborious and difficult task. When to buy a house several criteria in mind, it decided at the end of a rigorous screening process.

Therefore, need to be considered before buying, there are some points stand out. There is some things to consider when buying a house. Expert advice to consumers who want to buy a house about some important points. Some of these proposals have compiled for you:


When buying home, the nature of the house should be asked first. Is that condominium, is floor easement, is deeded land, and is cooperative transfer? This issue should be investigated first to buy a house. Going to the Land Registry office must ask whether there is any affixed an addendum to the title deed. Should be asked to issue any debt about the history of the house to the building management. Should investigate whether paid or not as water, gas, electricity and municipal building tax it. Otherwise, the new owner of the apartment is severally legally liable for the old debt. You must make sales on the declared value of sales or, you will face a penalty. After purchasing the house, you must declare that you purchased the apartment to the municipal accounts work. If it does not, accrue penalty tax. You must make such transactions within three months. Should take over on you water, electricity, natural gas subscription. You should buy the house through when buying real estate agent. You must buy in collaboration with real estate agent through rescues you from risk. The last thing to be considered, you must prepayment to avoid paying interest.