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Tax and ticket for the debts to the tax authorities, social security for the debts of the Institute at a premium, water and property tax arrears is to be held in reference to municipalities. Those who submit their applications within the specified time period up to June 30, 2016 will build its debts formed. Applicants who will rather pay by installments in advance, those who want to.

According to this reference the person who will be given a payment plan. The debt at the time of application will be recalculated. The actual amounts of receivables from charged final public backing off. This principal applies to default interest, late payment penalties and penalties for delay instead of Domestic PPI will be determined on the basis of the amount to be paid. Advance payment, the PPI amount calculated on the basis of monthly exchange rates also over 50 percent discount.


Installment payment is selected, calculated with the debt principal + PPI, 6 installments (1,045), 9 installments (1,085), 12 installments (1,105), 18 installments (1.15), the coefficient to be multiplied by two and the number of installment amount be divided into monthly periods will be paid in installment amount is to be calculated. Advance payments and payment of the first installment of the tax debt in November, will be held in December in the premium. For example; 100 thousand Lira in debt in February 2013, 3 per cent per year has reached 400 thousand Lira interest operation of 154 16.8. This debt is paid in advance by calling the reference configuration 109 thousand Lira.