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The best residential areas in Istanbul vary for many reasons, some of them due to natural beauty, others due to the urban and economic development, and success in various projects and their unique designs.It is an often discussion point to find about the best residential area in the metropolis, and this is a wide area of competition between Istanbul's old and modern neighborhoods, according to the requirements of each family in this. The grown demand has led to an increase in the purchase of properties in the city of 16 million. Each side drawing people from different backgrounds and cultures, creating two society in one city.

A recent statistic issued by the Turkish Statistics Agency in 2019, explains that “Real estate sales in 2018 increased by %78.4." According to statistics, the number of apartments in Istanbul sold to foreigners in 2018 reached 14,270 apartments, double the next Turkish city that draws foreigners.

Which Side of Istanbul is the Best?

The answer to this lies in what you seek. Do you wish to invest in properties in Istanbul, buy an apartment, or a luxurious villa by the Bosphorus? Do you wish to simply live in the connecting point of ancient and modern history? 

Istanbul, with its 16 million population is almost its own country in the 80 million population of Turkey. Through the roots on two different continents, Istanbul is home to many districts that are not just historically and culturally, but naturally beautiful districts.

The city of Istanbul is one of the rare cities situated between two continents, consists of 9 islands, 39 districts, 647 kilometers coastline length, with a population of 16 million. The city is famous for its varied buildings. It has 1792 historical landmarks, 28 palaces, 91 museums, 93 Turkish baths, 712 hotels, 28.650 restaurants, 49 universities, 36 libraries, 227 theatre halls, and 882 movie theaters. It also provides a developed transport system with 2 airports, 28 ships, 50 scaffolding and 233 kilometers of rail transport. Istanbul is an international attraction for tourists. In 2018, 13.433.101 tourists visited this beautiful and historical city from all across the world.


The connecting port of Istanbul with other districts, Eminönü's most famous attraction is the two Mosques gazing down on the city. Hagia Sophia was first built to be the central cathedral of the Byzantine Empire. Its beauty and design were unmatched in the world, until the Ottoman Empire's capture of Istanbul from the Byzantines. By the orders of Sultan Ahmed the First, a mosque was to be designed on a hill overlooking the Hagia Sophia. This new mosque was to be more glamorous than even Hagia Sophia. Once it completed, the building took over the fame of the city in its mantle. Hagia Sophia was closed for a long time to the public, until recently reopened as a mosque. The two architectural beauties still stand on two hills overlooking one another, and welcome any visitor to Istanbul. 



From a historical standpoint, the importance and beauty of the Fatih district is perhaps immeasurable to anywhere else in Istanbul. The two mosques built on opposite sides, Hagia Sophia and the Grand Mosque, Topkapi Palace, as well as their museums, the Grand Bazaar, and Haliç the Golden Horn make any visitor spend a whole day in the district a daydream. Just visiting Hagia Sophia and the Grand Mosque alone should be a full day activity to explore and admire every inch of their architectural and scenic beauty. This 17 km2 district was once the capital of the Byzantine as well as the Ottoman Empires. The ruins leftover from them now supports a big portion of Istanbul's tourism sector.


Beylikdüzü is becoming a popular district in Istanbul over the last few years. Increasing property values draw the investors’ attention while the improving community with many facilities and services is drawing the attraction of the public to move into the district. The district is home to many annual festivals through July to October. Beylikdüzü is slowly but surely becoming a multicultural, diverse environment with many people moving from many different countries either for educational purposes or they become a Turkish citizen. 


The district has the largest cargo container port in Turkey. It has an organized industrial site, high capacity fueling and dispensing facilities, eco-friendly electricity generation facility Fuel-Oil, Turkey’s largest fish market, advantageous fields for residence and office buildings to be built, TÜYAP expo center and increasing investment opportunities that make Beylikdüzü an economic attraction point. Although away from the city center, Beylikduzu keeps attracting travelers and investors thanks to its elegant design with modern buildings and huger towers. While in this area, you can be able to have an unlimited view of the sea, given that it stretches along the Marmara Sea and black sea. 


Istanbul is home to many districts that are not just historically and culturally, but naturally beautiful districts. Halkali, since it is founded next to a Lake that opens up to the Marmara Sea is one of the top wonders of Istanbul.

Halkalı district may be an example of a mixture of all three. A glance on the map will reveal to you the secret of its distinctiveness, and Halkalı is a beautiful area in Istanbul and has a lake that enchants the surroundings. Küçükçekmece Lake was and still is a destination for all residents of the city on weekends during the early days of the republic. People came to fish and swim while the children played in the nearby forest or just to sit and enjoy the gorgeous view of the lake with its nice breeze until the night. The train tracks used back then now operate to the edge of the Anatolian continent through the high-speed trains (YHT).


Wanting a private space, in a secluded setting, yet close to the community is a dream for all. In Sarıyer, you could have all that, and so much more as you wake up to a life of luxury on the European side of Istanbul. With large projects rising every year, housing prices in the region have doubled in USD in the recent years. The average square meter prices of the houses located in the most in-demand areas on the line of Tarabya-İstinye are located between 10 to 15 thousand dollars. The rental income is also a really good income for those investors who are generally dollar-based.

Real estate prices in Istanbul are rising with the opening of the new Bosphorus tunnel, metro projects, a 3rd bridge, the new Istanbul airport, and new highway projects in recent years. These megaprojects cause the domestic migration to the province, which causes the property owners to raise their prices for profits. Especially the luxurious residences for ultra comfort in the districts such as Sarıyer are attracted by many investors for their potential. 


Situated in the European side, it is an 8.76 sqm area surrounded by Sişli, Beşiktaş and Kağıthane districts in the north and Golden Horn and Bosphorus in other directions. The district is composed of 45 points and has no rural settlements. Beyoğlu was home to one of the first settlements in Istanbul. The “Pera” neighborhood which means “the other side” is still home to many, as well as an internationally recognized art school. Galata which was within the borders of Beyoğlu in history was an area inhabited by Genoese in Byzantine times. When the Christian immigrants came from Galata and settled in Istiklal Avenue, then known as “Grand Rue de Pera”, it became a settlement with a European look. 

Taksim Square and Istiklal Avenue offer a different experience than the city's other touristic locations since Taksim is also a major neighborhood people live on. Although the food culture on them is alive every day of the season, foods such as Baked Chestnut that you can buy off from the walking sellers feel more genuine during winter, because it is the season of chestnuts. The more traditional foods such as Donair, and Kebab is more fun to eat when you are not pressured by the harsh heats of Summer as well.


Beşiktaş is a district of Istanbul situated on the European side of the city within the boundaries of the Greater Istanbul Municipality. It is surrounded by Bosphorus on the east, Sariyer on the north, Sisli on the west, and Beyoğlu on the south, facing directly across the Bosphorus the municipality of Üsküdar. It covers an area of 1520 hectares with an 8375 cost line along the Bosphorus although it is a small district in terms of its surface area (11 km²), Beşiktaş is located at the junction of arterial roads of Istanbul and therefore features the most outstanding district of the city with its central location. Since both of the bridges (Bosphorus and Fatih Sultan Mehmet) connecting two sides of the city are within the boundaries of Beşiktaş, it stands out as a major transportation nexus. Beşiktaş is famous for the football club that took its name from this district.



Şişli is one of the most crowded districts of Istanbul. Some of the most famous neighborhoods of Istanbul such as Nişantaşı, Mecidiyeköy, Bomonti, and Ok Meydanı located in the district. Şişli is surrounded by Beşiktaş, Beyoğlu and Kağıthane districts, making itself a central location for any visitors. Thanks to its location so many investments held in this place and so many residential sites, malls, skyscrapers, hotels, hospitals, universities have constructed here. One of the largest malls in Istanbul and Europe is located here, called Cevahir. Istanbul's first tram lines, natural gas, and electricity network were built in the district. This is one of the districts where you can find almost everything all together in Istanbul. Especially if you want to go shopping, Şişli is the best place for you. At every step, you can find different local and worldwide famous clothing shops and restaurants.


Üsküdar is located on the Anatolian side of Istanbul and a natural bridgehead in Bosphorus. Like Fatih, Üsküdar is a highly historical district of Istanbul. Overlooking Beşiktaş from the Asian side of the city, Üsküdar is quite popular among the Turkish families for its newly renovated University and a seaport that has been operating for centuries. The district is packed with Ottoman-era architecture, and mosques mixing with the modernized buildings. Properties here are more cost-effective compared to other districts since it is a community-focused region. Lots of mansions and private residences rides along the coastal strip of Üsküdar. After the initiation of Marmaray, Üsküdar located at the center of Istanbul’s transportation network. This feature helps Üsküdar to become one of the most attractive districts of Istanbul. Besides, Üsküdar has lots of historical places like magnificent mosques and surely the Maiden’s Tower. It is such a high demand location on the Asian continent that the square meter price in Üsküdar has hit 4000 USD.



Neighboring Kadıköy and Maltepe on the north, as well as known for its closeness to the Black Sea and a magnificent view of the Marmara, Ataşehir is one of the most popular real estate investment regions. The increase of the housing sales and commercial real estate prices in Ataşehir made the investors happy. The housing sales in the premium region Ataşehir, increased 41% in the last one year. According to the Estate Index, the highest meter square prices with 5,867 TL is the Barbaros neighborhood in Ataşehir. 

Ataşehir attracts attention with its increase in commercial real estate prices and became the ‘dearest’ among the investors because of the Istanbul Financial Center project. The rise of Ataşehir reflected also to the number of advertisements. According to the real estate news, the housing sales advertisements increased in a 158% rate than the previous year.