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The real estate owners who have the assigned attributes don’t have to pay the tax according to the legal regulations in the property tax. So in which conditions do they don’t pay the property tax?

The property tax is being defined as the tax that is paid to the state in certain periods during the year in two equal installments by the real estate owners. Some of the real estate owners are exempted to pay this tax. The circumstances and attributes to exempt from the property tax outlines like this.:

The first condition is to own one house which is less than 200 meter squares and also not to be a summer house. Real estate owners who have the appropriate conditions below are exempted from the property tax.

  • Those who have one domicile and own usufructary.
  • Retireds
  • Those who dont have any income
  • Relatives of martyries
  • Widows and orphans
  • War veterans

The real estate owners who have this attributes have to make a declaration to their municipalities to benefit from property tax exemption. This declaration can be made by petition.

The delay penalty rate is 1.4% each month for the taxpayers who don’t pay their property taxes. The late payment penalties are calculated with the fundamental tax and have to be paid together.