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Basın Express is considered to be one of the best areas for residential property in Istanbul when considered with the return on investments. One of the most important features characterizing Basin Express is its strategic situation. The district is characterized by excellent transportation lines, given that it is located at a junction of roads between Yeni Kapı ferry ports and the new Istanbul Airport. It became a major artery in the city thanks to its intersection with the main roads: TEM and E5 highways and the coast road. 

The district is known as home to the Turkish Media giants. This location is excellent for any who wishes to be near the news and financial world. An average m2 of a house sold for 3.2 thousand TRY in 2017.

Basın Express is also known to be foundations to mega projects in Turkey. The Turkish government has established accurate measures to transform the previously industrial zone into a prestigious service area and a business center able to compete with the biggest business centers in the world. It started by changing the vocation of old factories’ lands from industrial to residential and commercial which started to attract the investors who saw in the area an investment potential to target. Basın Express now has dozens of luxurious hotels, international and coastal roads, luxury houses, and many other others. These have made the property prices in the area to go up, with more and more local and international investors from as far as Central America as well as South America to come to the city.

The Turkish Government's economical support to the district is why a high number of pioneer national and international renowned construction companies are investing in the area and rising several real estate projects with high-quality standards and innovative technologies which are remodeling the region into a luxurious business and investment hub with a continuously- increasing value. In fact, prices in the Basın Express area have boosted about 3.3 times in only 3 years.

The mega Mall of Istanbul operating since 2014 is one of the largest in the whole country. The mall itself contains Europe’s largest entertainment center for kids, 350 stores, a 700 capacities theater, as well as cinemas with 3050 seats in total. Mall of Istanbul is also one of the many projects built on the same land. There are offices, as well as residences built on the skyscraper part of the design.

The presence of social amenities, security, sound transport system, and the right place for shopping have attracted a large population of people to the area. Dubbed as the road to real estate in the area, everyone seems to want to travel towards the luxuries of this area.